Meeting: When Uèle Lamore, Breakbot and Varnish the swimming pool remakes the world of music

Por the release of two new sports shoes, the L001 and L002, Lacoste is inviting three famous artists to talk about music. In this unlimited exchange, Uèle Lamore, Varnish la piscine and Breakbot share their experiences and sources of inspiration as retro and futuristic as these already iconic tennis shoes.

By Lucille Bion

What do a Franco-American conductor, a Swiss rapper and a French DJ have in common? A pair of their sneakers is a powerful means of expression. The new Lacoste L001 and L002 models were won by Uèle Lamore, Varnish la piscine and Breakbot.

Recognized among a thousand with its discreet logo on the heel, the L001 embodies lightness and finesse for a minimalist and timeless look. Gender-neutral and elegantly sporty, these sneakers draw inspiration from René, the very first home shoes, and a rocket with retro charm, right from the 1980s. Recovering elements of Lacoste’s tennis history archives, the company continues to advance its research and graphic proposals. The story-rich L001 is born of a confluence that connects the past with the present and the future, but presses itself with its paw to its feet.

Its little sister L002 was designed especially for modern, active women. With its bold proportions and bright colors, it reflects elegance with its sleek design. Inspired by the courts, these shoes from the L001 stand out with a thicker sole, such as a reinforced version that is ready to face the adventures of the city with frivolity and confidence. Like the L001, this model is available in several colors so that you can decorate all your closets on a daily basis.

Musical and modern trio

With these timeless models halfway between elegant sportswear and casual wear, the label invents its immediate classics, as evidenced by the sharp and hybrid looks of Uèle Lamore, Varnish la piscine and Breakbot from three different worlds. The crocodile-led trio bridges the gap by combining their culture and style in a video that introduces us to his work as an artist. Caught well behind the keyboard or guitar, the musicians embark on a great three-voice discussion in which they draw their inspiration behind the scenes of the creative process and their tastes are both vintage, futuristic and echoing in spirit. from L001 sports shoes and L002.

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A true music-loving narrator, the musical UFO Varnish la Piscine has put us in the mouth since he began his promising career. In each of his songs, this French-speaking rapper creates exhilarating stories that bring a good dose of escape to mind. Almost thirty years old and strong in his creative and crazy spirit, he shares his vision of the artistic world with Welle Lamor, an electronic music virtuoso of the same generation. Filled with talent, she thinks out of the box and wanders between arrangements and compositions of film soundtracks. That’s why a conductor who is used to bringing together artists and is able to talk about all styles of music leads this smooth discussion. And to streamline this generational exchange, Breakbot provides its own good mood. The little foal from the Ed Banger Records stable, the DJ of the song “Baby I’m Yours”, looks back on these last decades of success between solo performances and enriching collaboration. Relaxing mood, fashion, music and beats … With this skillful cocktail, three Lacoste guests proved that their groove is eternal with the best allies L001 and L002.

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