Megan Mark violated several royal rules with one exit

The network is discussing the departure of a new Duke of Sussex. And Megan Mark has already received some criticism for violating several rules of royal etiquette at the same time.

The Duchess of Sussex is on her lips again / Photo: Instagram

While the news of the royal family was discussed on the Internet during the Easter service, the Dukes of Sussex, who are currently in the Netherlands during the Invictus Games, recalled themselves.

So with the new release, Megan Mark pointed it out she decides how and what to pull, what behavioral tactics to choose. Prince Harry’s wife, who no longer works as an older family member, feels much calmer. Her new image speaks volumes about these expressions of freedom and her own style.

So there was a girl named Elina Lancendorfer on Instagram posted a photo of Meghan Mark in one of her new exits.

Megan Mark with a fan

Fashion experts have already identified a number of breaches of royal rules there.

First: The Duchess of Sussex chose a very short dress

This is a beautiful dress from Valentino. It fits perfectly on the Meg, but British recorders would not confirm that choice.

Duchess in a mini dress

Second: too bright lipstick

You would hardly have seen Kate Middleton with such a defiant lipstick on her lips, the Queen even thinks such bright colors are vulgar, but Megan can afford it.

Third: selfie with fans

In fact, although BCS members have moved away from the classic canons in recent years, they not only cannot afford to show public sentiment (perhaps the British are completely shocked by the kiss of Megan and Harry), but also the embrace, and even more so take selfies with other people.

The prince’s wife does not give up selfies

But the Dukes of Sussex have their own way to show their world.

We remind you that Megan Mark greeted the Ukrainian team Invictus at the game with the words “Glory to Ukraine”.

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