Metaverse: Milan-Fiorentina, the first football match broadcast in the virtual world

The 35th Serie A match between AC Milan and Fiorentina was broadcast live on the metaverse. The first, accessible only to the Middle East and North Africa.

“Milan-Fiorentina was the first football match to be broadcast on metaverse”, Luigi De Siervo, the director of Serie A, proudly announced this Sunday, May 1. At the initiative of the Italian Football League, it was possible to play in the Serie A room, Nemezio metaverse.

Football in the Metaverse: A New Way of Broadcasting

If the match was particularly important for the sport (by winning the AC Milan team, it maintained the championship position for three days ahead of its internal rival), it was definitely a technological breakthrough for broadcasting sporting events in general. To view it, users had to log in to the virtual room using avatars. The free NFT (Certificate of Authenticity) download allowed you to have a certain digital ticket to get to the meeting. Meta-universe users could then follow the latter, discussing and reacting with other avatars. The aim of this experiment was to recreate the social interactions of the physical world (in a football stadium) in a virtual world (metaverse).

A younger and wider audience

Supporting the initiative, Serie A aims to attract a younger generation through this project. Born of new technology and proficient in entertainment innovation, they were able to take advantage of the metaverse to see, celebrate goals and share their passion in the virtual world. Luigi De Siervo allows it “Increase the number of young fans around the world”. Also, metaverse is a good alternative to not physically going to the stadium. It brings together geographically distant people in a space that is no longer physical but virtual. Serie A hopes to replicate this experience beyond the Art Zone (Middle East and North Africa) but will eventually expand to other regions, especially Europe.

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