Metz Constellations Festival: Under the Digital Stars

Immersed in the darkness of the starry Metz sky, Saint-Étienne Cathedral wears its light suit. An impressive large-scale video projection presents two international works of art on the theme “New Utopias, Illusions and Anamorphoses”.

The moving illuminations emerge from the neo-Gothic lines of the building and connect them perfectly. The performance alternates between moments when the cathedral seems to be collapsing before our intoxicated eyes and others when it radiates a magical glow.

This projection is part of a series of light and sound works that reflect the night tour of the Pierres Numériques, organized by the city of Metz on the occasion of the Constellations festival, for arts emerging from new technologies. The event cost € 1.6 million, with equal funding from the municipality, public partners and carers.

Inclusive or simply contemplative installations of various aesthetics explore the richness of modern digital techniques, enhancing Metzo’s heritage. Place de la Comédie, Jardin d’amour and Trinitaires are among the places occupied by artists.

“Metz is a city with a dense and compact city center, which mixes several architectural influences: French, Germanic and Italian.” explains Patrick Thil, Deputy Mayor of Metz. Therefore, walking is especially suitable for exploring the city.

We question our relationship with the modern world

The festival brings together designers from around the world. Their different creations encourage the public to think about their way of life on the planet. With Limbo, visual artist Nico Neefs exhibits a charming and poetic levitating body ballet inviting reflection. The installation is hung in semi-darkness, which overwhelms the rooms of the Musée de la Cour d’or to cover its curves.

“It was a work on the concepts of real time, perceived time and political time, illuminates Nico Neefs. With the difficult periods we are experiencing socially, I find it interesting to question our relationship with life cycles. »

A mysterious breeze is blowing in the monastery of the regional hotel. Ghostly shadows move on large plates that give the place modernity, as opposed to its history. For artist Paolo Morvan, the goal is “To play sound with its materiality and to offer an unprecedented sensory experience.”

However, the remaining works on display appear to be more of a purely aesthetic approach and a simple pastime rather than a deep artistic and philosophical reflection on contemporary issues. In parallel with this overnight walk, the festival offers a day trip to the Art & Gardens waterways, where works and nature interact.

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