Michel Drucker very “distressed”, completely lost in his painful and heartbreaking conviction

Since he is 80 years old, Michel Drucker does not intend to leave his position. It must be said that the latter has established a good place for itself in the world of the small French screen. His illustrious career is not one we can forget. But that doesn’t stop him from occasionally reflecting on what he would do if his career were on hold. The host of Vivement Dimanche makes surprising revelations!

Michel Drucker: Still in office!

For more than 50 years, Michel Drucker has been active in the world of the small screen. Career to make pale more than one! But it didn’t come easy… The owner had really gone through a particularly difficult time some time ago. Illness prompted him resign for a few months. So between the surgery and the recovery, some thought the latter wouldn’t come back. But that’s without counting on the persistence of this TV host! Indeed, he is not yet ready to relinquish his position..

Despite the years that have passed, Michel Drucker continues to entertain his viewers. This was also confirmed when he decided to continue working with a new project from 2021. Between writing the book as well as creating the show, the host is very busy. Despite everything, he is still quite worried about his eventual retirement from the small screen. What might he do when he retires? This is a question that bothers many! The latest revelations of the manager could also surprise us even more.

He is worried about the future!

As the years go by, Michel Drucker can only worry about the end of his various projects. You should know that it is quite fragile due to its recent age. The manager also expressed his doubts about the other events. And even he seems afraid of what might happen in the following years.

Especially since the leader has always worked in the world of the small screen since taking office. So it will be difficult for him to move forward if he ever has to end his hosting career anytime soon. “When you’ve made your work your passion and it stops, it’s scary.” Michel Drucker had also stated during a recent interview. A sentiment we understand since the latter has been in business for a long time. Despite everything, the owner still hopes to stay in his position long enough. He also has new projects..

Michel Drucker: New Show!

This is undoubtedly one of the best news Michelle Drucker fans can expect. Indeed, the host will soon host a new show. It is “Heavily Revised Sunday” if we want to believe the coordinator’s explanations.

Therefore, the audience will not be completely out of their element after Michel Drucker’s performances of the last few years. Focused on provinces and honoring the fallenthe latter promises to please the audience.

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