Modern: with Iavi to speed up vaccine production

The state-of-the-art and non-profit research organization IAVI has announced a new collaboration to use mRNA technology to address a range of global health threats.

These diseases, such as HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), antimicrobial-resistant intestinal infections and COVID-19, alone are estimated to have caused at least 95 million new infections and more than 4 million deaths by 2020 alone. Advanced mRNA platform power and IAVI experience in product discovery and development to promote vaccines and antibodies.

“Using our mRNA technology and IAVI’s experience in detection and development, we can work together to combat ongoing threats to global health,” said Stefan Banz, CEO of Moderna.

Mark Feinberg, President and CEO of IAVI, is also excited about the collaboration: “Modern’s innovative and proven platform has the potential to rapidly produce candidate vaccines and antibodies that could accelerate our ability to address health challenges. The world’s toughest society.”

mRNA technology allows the production of material for clinical testing faster than conventional systems. If products prove to be effective and safe, they could be produced on a large scale quickly.

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