“Monaco has one of the best racing tracks”

The Monaco driver is keen to defend his Grand Prix, which is not yet guaranteed to be on next year’s calendar.

Monaco Charles Ferrari defended the Monaco Grand Prix in Formula 1 on Friday, “his” GP competed in the streets of the Principality this weekend, and from 2023 is threatened with extinction in favor of new races.

“I’ve never seen Monaco without Formula 1, except for Covid 2020. Formula 1 without Monaco is not Formula 1. Formula 1 has history, it has historical tracks like Silverstone, Monza or Monaco, and in my case they have to stay.”he objected to the press in the doctor’s office.

Like the French or Belgian Grand Prix, the Monaco round is not yet guaranteed in next year’s calendar, as new races, especially in the United States, are in danger of disappearing.

The organizer of the Formula One Championship announced in March the arrival of the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023, marking the third F1 race in the United States for the season after the Austin and Miami GPs, the first of which was initially in dispute. in May.

Alongside Asia and the Middle East, the United States is currently one of the priority markets for the singles world championship, controlled by the American group Liberty Media, which acquired the commercial rights to F1 in 2017.

But Lekler must defend: “I really think Monaco is one of the best racing tracks, there is no place in the qualifiers that I would love as much as here, and no place where the pilot can change the result so significantly is probably the most exciting qualifier of the year.”.

“I agree that something can be changed in the race here and there to try to make overtaking easier, because cars have changed and evolved and it may not be the best track to overtake, but in terms of the challenge for the driver, we have one of the most difficult challenges this year.”.

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