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The Winter Paralympic Games are over in Khanty-Mansiysk. They were attended by athletes from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan. In addition to athletes and organizers, the main people at the competitions are volunteers.

They accompanied Paralympic athletes to all sports venues, helped delegations unload equipment, and created an atmosphere in the stands with fans.

Mutual support
The work of volunteers was organized by the district volunteer development center. In their cover letters, they wrote that they wanted to give people a holiday of sports and victory, cheer up athletes, create an atmosphere of goodwill, comfort and show Ugra hospitality. The competition was assisted by more than 150 volunteers who were on duty almost non-stop – in the early morning and night hours, delegations of athletes and guests met and accompanied, loaded bags and helped Paralympic athletes in wheelchairs at the airport.
About thirty ONF youth activists contributed to this important issue. The boys got involved in the work before the start of the competition: they helped with the supply of equipment, they packed souvenirs. There were streams of fans at the competitions, they worked in the press service and in the awards. And of course, we enjoyed the success of the athletes.

– There were boys of different professions and hobbies in our big and friendly volunteer team at the Games. The first-year students of the “journalism” department at Yugra State University thus became excellent assistants to the competition’s press service. The guys from the Khanty-Mansi School of Technology and Education and the working youth helped with the supply of equipment. We provided any feasible assistance to delegations. Together with the whole country, we cheered on the Paralympic athletes who showed the will and courage, skill and desire for victory, “said Anastasia Potekhina, coordinator of ONF Youth in Jugre.

Many Ugra volunteers already know the rules of communicating with people with disabilities and are ready to work with different types of disabilities.

– It was my second experience working with handicapped athletes. They need to talk more about abstract, everyday topics. After all, they are ordinary people, just like us, they live an ordinary life, “remarked student volunteer Valeria Kravtsova. – Working at the Winter Paralympic Games is a great experience. I learned to find access to different people, I realized that nothing is impossible, I got a lot of positive emotions, an influx of energy. All these days, we not only supported and cheered on the athletes, but also helped each other. They were supportive for other volunteers. Because everyone’s workload was large enough.


Help – it’s a way of life
The athletes were encouraged by a supportive “silver” group – they are active older people aged 55 and over. Volunteers of honorary age also worked with the audience.

“We are retired, we came from Oktyabrsky district,” said Irina Safonova and Olga Antonova. – We were born as volunteers, helping them is our need, our way of life. Participation in such events charges us, we rejuvenate. Our athletes are amazing. They were not released for the Paralympic Games in Beijing, but they did not break or slacken. Everything they were preparing for showed up here. We work on animations as animators, we help our athletes, we raise their morale.

The ranks of the “silver” volunteers include volunteers with a wealth of “Olympic” experience from Jugra, St. Petersburg, the Tyumen and Sverdlovsk regions. Among them is Gulnora Tashanova, who has participated in several world-class sporting events and came to the Autonomous Community from the cultural capital of Russia to support our athletes.

– I really want to cheer up the athletes during the competition, to support the sporting spirit of the Olympic movement. I was a volunteer attache for cross-country skiing and biathlon for the blind and partially sighted at the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games, IWAS World Games 2015 in Sochi. I’m glad I can give the boys a holiday of sports and victory! said the volunteer.

The “mood” team created a special microclimate at the competitions: they cared for and paid attention to the athletes, they helped the organizers. They congratulated the athletes on the holidays. For example, on March 17, the birthday of parasnowboarder Mikhail Slinkin, the boys prepared a surprise for him on the slopes of the Khvoyna Urman ski area before training: they sang a song, read poems, handed out balloons, presents, wished him all the best. luck at the games.

– Celebrating a birthday in training is amazing! Great mood, lots of congratulations, kind words, wishes, friendly instructions, – Mikhail shared his impressions.

They also congratulated the guest from Perm, Sergey Sinyakin, the leading skier and biathlete Anastasia Bagiyanova. The volunteers prepared congratulations to Sergei and met him in the hotel lobby. The celebrants were given Siberian warmth and souvenirs.


Arseniy Chumanov volunteer from Khanty-Mansiysk

– The Paralympic Games are a unique event. It is a great honor for me to work here as a volunteer team curator, to watch the Paralympians compete at the highest level. This not only surprises you, but also inspires you to get up and start overcoming yourself.

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