Mr Iceta is convinced that “we will have a glorious Olympic candidacy”, but “not everyone will be completely satisfied”.

MORA DE RUBIELOS (TERUEL), April 27 (Benin News) –

Culture and Sport Minister Mikel Iceta said he was confident that an “excellent candidacy” for the 2030 Winter Olympics would be agreed “at the end”, even though he did not hide that “not everyone would be completely satisfied”.

Mr Iceta went to the town of Mora de Rubielos in Teruel on Wednesday, where he told the media that the offer was “an opportunity” for Catalonia and Aragon, saying it would be “good news” as the Works Council “works hard” to find a solution. which satisfies everyone “, which it took for granted.

“We have a good chance of winning,” continued Mr Iceta, who said the offer had to be “very professional from a professional point of view”. “Guarantees must be given and everyone must go together, because when there is a lot of noise, the opportunities diminish,” he stressed.

“I ask everyone to stand by the EC and help find solutions,” said Mr Iceta, who commented that there are areas such as the Pyrenees that we have the impression that they only remember for a moment each year. when it snows, but “there live people who have to live all year round and be able to attract tourism”.

The minister “has no more powerful options than the winter games”. “I hope we will all work to seize this opportunity and win. We will have very important competitors, cities that have already hosted the Olympic Games, with a very proven infrastructure,” he warned, recalling that the strength of Catalonia’s and Aragon’s candidacy was that “winter games have never been held in Spain.”

The “first move” is to reach a consensus that “removes sensitivities” and that the candidacy is “balanced,” the minister said, adding that everyone is working to ensure that the candidacy is “met” before the election. “Next summer.

Mr Iceta clearly expressed his “confidence” in EC President Alejandro Blanco, because “he knows the people, the political players and how to win: in Lausanne and, above all, hand in hand with the President of the CIO.” I would say that you will present it another time, “he insisted.


Mikel Iceta stated that the IOC “has only one fact”, namely that the Spanish proposal has the support of the EC, Aragon, Catalonia and the Spanish government, so “if four of me ask me to do so, four must ratify and implement it.” make every effort to make everyone feel not only comfortable but also involved ”.

“No one wants to move, but everyone knows that if he does not move, there will be no photo,” continued the minister, who must “take the time” because “sometimes a statement, even with the best of intentions, can delay the negotiation process.” opportunity, especially for the people of the Pyrenees, “he emphasized.

On the other hand, he confirmed that although they wanted to “increase seats”, they had “some budgetary constraints” because the IOC required each to have “space” for resources, athletes, technicians and judges. “And it’s not easy, but we’ll find a solution,” he said.

“We are going to hold trials in many valleys, I dare not say that all, because not all, can host the Olympic trial and we will look for another place. Not everyone will be completely satisfied, but with chords and positions that seem difficult to move, in the end, if there is a will, it is done, “said Mr Iceta, who emphasized that this was a candidacy for Catalonia and Catalonia. Aragon, Spain as a whole ‘. “And all Spaniards need to see that we have been able to reach an agreement beyond the differences we have encountered along the way,” he stressed.

Responding to media questions, Mr Iceta said that Catalonia’s individual bid was “an impossible scenario”, insisting that the IOC had received a letter signed by the EC, the Spanish and Aragonese and Catalan governments, and that they would do so. For this reason, he asked Aragon and Catalonia to “make a full commitment.” “That is our goal and I will not get off the horse,” he said.

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