Multiple fights at Knott’s Berry Farm force park to early close

Different battles broke out Saturday night at Knott’s Berry Farm, compelling the recreation area to early close a few hours.

Buena Park police said various calls to 911 revealed conceivable gunfire, yet officials at the scene decided no shots were discharged.

Police requested that individuals stay away from the area as they examined the occurrence.

“The security of Knott’s Berry Farm’s visitors and partners is consistently our main concern,” the recreation area said in an explanation. “On Saturday night, the choice was made to close the recreation area three hours ahead of schedule because of uncontrollable way of behaving and fights including various youngsters. This conduct didn’t line up with our park’s qualities, and was not the experience we believe any visitor should have while visiting Knott’s Berry Farm.”

Gossipy tidbits about a shooting provoked frightened benefactors to stow away, as indicated by web-based entertainment posts.
“There was a battle while everybody was packed to get out,” thought of one parkgoer on Facebook. “Abruptly everybody was shouting and afterward running. We were let out through the staff just region.”

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