Nadal: history, summary and video

DJOKOVIC-NADALS. With more than 4 hours of intense fighting, Rafael Nadal won four sets against Novak Djokovic (6/2 4/6 6/2 7/6 (4)). Relive the best moments and expressions of both players.

17:00 – Nadal: “This is the most important tournament of my career”

After victory, Marion Bartoli asked Philip Shatri in court that Rafael Nadal did not thank the public: “I’m very moved. I’m amazing to play here. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. The support is incredible for me. Everyone knows how important it is for me to play here, this is the most important tournament. And feeling your support for me is very special.”

16:30 – a turning point in the draw? Nadala scored 3-0

This is undoubtedly a turning point for the 4th set of Taiwan between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. With a lead of 2-0, the Spaniard comes to the defense at his service, but manages to change the situation by anticipating a “Nole” attack. 3-0, this break is broken and the defender of Roland-Garros will not return …

16:24 – VIDEO. Nadal’s message to French society

Rafael Nadal trusted Novak Djokovic after his victory by sending a message to the French public and those present at the Philippi-Chatris court on Wednesday night. Here is the current video streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

16:00 – VIDEO. The point that made Djokovic’s fans dream in the 4th set

Novak Djokovic was close to the breakthrough of Set 5. After breaking into the 4th set, leading 5: 3, the defending champion of the Roland-Garros stadium cracked and saw Rafael Nadal break down, then return to the heights … Before winning the game. However, Djokovic will have defended like a lion like this point to save the first break ball.

15:30 – Nadal: “I haven’t won anything”

If this Nadala and Djokovic shock was presented as the final an hour ago, the Spaniard knows that the road to the 14th victory on the Roland-Garros track is still a long way off. “It was a very intense night. It was for those moments that I was still playing, but it’s only the quarterfinals, I didn’t win anything. I just gave myself a chance to look back on the court in two days. Being back in the semi-finals at Roland-Garros Stadium means a lot.

15:00 – Djokovic: “We are proud to have fought to the end”

Novok Djokovic congratulated Rafael Nadal on winning the two men’s duel at 4:12 in a new duel episode in which the two champions have been at odds for many years. “He undoubtedly deserves this victory. In this match, you have ups and downs both in the game and mentally. I gave my all, I could have done better, but I am proud to have fought to the end,” commented the footballer. Serb, winner of the 2021 Roland-Garros. Rafael Nadal, in his confrontation with Novak Djokovic on the clay pavement in Roland-Garros Square, is now in the lead with 8: 2.

15:00 – Djokovic regrets the 4th set

If he considered Rafael Nadal to be more consistent in the match, which he said contributed to the Spanish victory, Novak Djokovic expressed some regret about his match, commenting on his defeat in Wednesday’s Roland-Garros quarterfinals. “Despite everything I had, especially in the fourth set. I served for the set, with two chances to finish, and that would have taken us to the fifth set, where the game could turn for one or the other at any time. But he showed why he is a great champion, ”L’Equipe wrote in the world’s number one note.

14:30 – VIDEO. Does the game make sense? Exceptional rally in set 2

Rafael Nadal easily won the first set with a score of 6: 2, and he faced more resistance from Novak Djokovic, making the game tighter and forcing Rafa to rally longer. Picture of this great point in the middle of set 2. The terrible battle on the Center court has just begun, to the delight of 15,000 spectators in Philippe Chatrier’s court.

13:50 – Mauresmo’s explanations about Djokovic’s programming – Nadal (3-3)

“I asked to meet her on Tuesday morning and we had a meeting on Tuesday afternoon (about Dolphin Ernot). In the meantime, there was an interview with her,” Amelia Mauresmo told the press. Communication. .We told each other, yes there was dissatisfaction with France Télévisions and I understand it 100% .We talked at length. It is solved face to face.Although she was very angry, I have no problem meeting her.

13:20 – Mauresmo’s explanations about Djokovic’s programming – Nadal (2-3)

“I contacted Carlos Costa, I will not go any further. We talk to each other, I talk to everyone, I chained the first issue of the former world. It’s a habit I took from the beginning. And is it positive or negative. You have to accept things and then he must go on. He showed us the champion, Rafa, goes beyond all these considerations. “

12:50 – Mauresmo’s explanations about Djokovic’s programming – Nadal (1-3)

“It was hard, everyone saw it coming. I have the impression that there was no good solution in this story. Once all the other programs were pretty clear, there it was a little vague,” explained Roland-Garros, the boss. Lots of discussion, lots of exchanges. Everyone was waiting to find out the decision. We balanced everything. We tried to choose the best or the worst solution. We were more in gray than in white or black, “explained the tournament director.

12:20 – When will the Rafael Nadal semi-final be scheduled?

On the way to the 14th title on the Roland-Garros track, Rafael Nadal knows his opponent in the semi-finals: Alexander Zverev of Germany, who beat Carlos Alcarass, the new nugget of Spanish tennis, yesterday afternoon. The semi-final is scheduled for Friday, June 2. The order of the semi-finals and, consequently, the schedule of this game will be further specified.

12:00 – “I think it will be good”, enigmatic Nadal about his health

After a shortened clay season, Roland-Garros was weakened, with Rafael Nadal showing steadfast resistance and resilience on Wednesday night in the face of a physical duel to win 4:12 against Novak Djokovic at the end of the night. “I said in Rome that I would have my doctor here. And the fact that my doctor was here to do things that made me easier,” the Spaniard said in a news conference after the victory. “Now is not the time to talk about it, we’ll talk about it when my tournament is over. I’ll give everything I have to try to play this tournament in the best possible conditions. I don’t know what can happen. But here I think that everything will be fine. “

11:35 – Popovich: “Nadal completely dominated the points”

Coach Petar Popovich has analyzed the Djokovic-Nadal meeting and especially the Serb’s choice to try to destabilize the Spaniards. “In the first set, Jocko used the same tactics as in the first round against Nichok left. With super-high balls. But it was Nadal, he made the change, he completely dominated the points. And it completely turned around,” Popovich said. Jocko becomes aggressive, takes the ground and moves forward. This is really his only way to beat Nadal at Roland: be on the line, take a risk even if it means no, hit hard in the forehand, don’t hit him, don’t let him suffocate you with his angles and big blows to the bow. Easier said than done … “

11:15 – Nadal about Djokovic: “It’s always a very important challenge to play against him”

Raphael Nadal, the winner of the quarter-finals against Novak Djokovic, congratulated the Serbian on his performance: “It was a very tough match, Novak is one of the best players in history. Playing against him is always a very big challenge, especially given our mutual history. There was another one of these games tonight. You can only play one way. It was a magical night at the expected but incredible level.

11:00 – Praise of Santoro

“These two players make us happy,” said Prime Video consultant after the Djokovic – Nadala game. We were expecting an unusual performance, but there is always uncertainty, this low probability that you will be disappointed will not get the performance we had hoped for. And in the end, we tell ourselves that we are really spoiled to see these two players produce fantastic tennis for so long. They are not like us, they are different, they have ruled world tennis with Federer for almost twenty years, they offer us unprecedented tennis, they are as hungry as when they got off the track. Raphael Nadal left us without words. It seems to me that he has unimaginable pain getting up in the morning or leaving the square and I used to say that when Rafa starts to twitch, to say that it hurts somewhere, it would be life threatening for us …

10:45 – VIDEO. Game point

Thus, Raphael Nadal won 4 sets after a non-breathable tie-break, in which Novak Djokovic threw his last patrons, trying to pull out the 5th set and still believe in revenge and qualification after the night. The Major then stepped up the game, winning the game 7: 4. Relive the game point in the video:

10:30 – Pioline: “It’s fantastic what we experienced”

“I was glad I was there for the moment, launches Pioline at the end of this Djokovic-Nadal. We don’t know how many times we’ll see Rafael Nadal Roland-Garros again. It’s fantastic what we lived. A match full of abandonment, courage , tactical intelligence and mental endurance when you see what happened to him when he was in the lead with 6: 2, 3: 0, a double break. Great respect to Mr. Nadal … “

10:15 – Bartoli’s tennis summit

“It was a match that reached the heights of tennis we had rarely seen. At the end of the match, Marion Bartoli enjoyed it. Fatigue in Nadala’s face could be seen in the end …”

10:01 – Nadal broke out with his 2nd ball in the first set

The Spaniard was able to make the difference in the first set match against Djokovic, especially thanks to his second ball. In detail, he scored 80% of his second serve against 50% of Serbs.

09:49 – 7. Jocco – Nadal, over 4 hours

For the seventh time in history, Novak Djokovic’s and Rafael Nadal’s match lasted more than four hours, 4 hours and 12 minutes for the Roland-Garros quarterfinals.

09:24 – “He shook the whole audience”

Paul Henri Matier, a former tennis player interviewed this morning, pays tribute to Rafael Nadal’s match. “What a beautiful moment it was. It was played with his head. Rafael Nadal said it, he didn’t know if it would be his last match, nor what physical condition he was in before he left. It was all aside and he only had one thought – Attack your opponent as much as possible.

09:07 – Does the night session match start too late? Djokovic’s opinion

The quarterfinals between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic dragged on until midnight. After the 4h12 match, Rafael Nadal finished the match in 4 sets at 1h20 in the morning. Which also raises controversy and questions about these new Roland-Garros night sessions. “To be honest, I think the night sessions start too late, Novak Djokovic said after the meeting. But again, television is what decides. It’s the world we live in, money. They decide.”

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