Netflix: Fresh, Nouvelle École winner, is a hit on Spotify

After winning the first edition of Netflix’s Nouvelle École, Belgian Fresh la Peufra is breaking Spotify records. Review by numbers.

It’s official: playlist “New school”The Voice-style rap competition that’s popular on Netflix is ​​now available available Netflix at the center Spotify.. And a Belgian Fresh Peufrathe winner of this first release, his launch count has skyrocketed Spotify.. His title “Chop up“, written on the occasion of the final, is currently number 1 in the French Top 50.

How CHS revealed during the finale, the title was integrated into the playlist Fresh Rap at the end of the show, which helped the artist to encourage not only the listeners of the show, but also the fans of this genre. This title was not only the 1st Top 50 in France, but also the 1st. Every day Reaches France June 26th with over 412,000 streams enabled 24 hours, Top number 1 Every day Reaches Belgium on the same day with over 55,000 listens and peaked at #19 Every day artists France. Finally, the title was heard in Brazil, Colombia, USA, South Africa lunch, but also in Germany.

We remind you thatemissionthree juries represent their city, i.e. the three cradles of French-speaking rap: CHS for Marseille Shay for Brussels and Niska Outside of Paris. They then go in search of new French rap talent and are responsible for choosing between candidates for eight episodes. Then he wins €100,000.

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