Netflix live soon?

There’s always something new on Netflix: series, movies, documentaries, features … With the release of its video game catalog in recent months, the TUDUM streaming platform is currently developing a new type of program. : live broadcasts. It’s not TV yet, but it’s starting to look …

2013 Netflix has changed the world of entertainment with the release of its first season House of cards. While viewers were accustomed to watching their favorite series one or two episodes a week through traditional channels, a revolution had just taken place: it was possible to watch everything overnight. to excessive viewing was born. And it caused a lot of insomnia, and the streaming platform continued to evolve, offering an ever-growing directory filled with hits, Foreign things to Abduction of money Passing Lupine, Chronicle of Bridgetown Where Crown.

In addition to applications, Netflix also regularly offers new features in its interface, such as shuffle, skip buttons, category tops, or many options for editing the list. And as if it were small, the SVOD service also does not hesitate to diversify. Following the recent release of the video game catalog, live broadcasts are now being explored in the grand N Rouge. And it can happen even faster than you think …

According to the US website Term, which protects the information of Netflix employees, so TUDUM’s production platform is doing much more than exploring the possibility of broadcasting live broadcasts. Diversification, which would allow a service to offer its subscribers programs such as television where the public has to vote, or even, most importantly, a stand-up show. One way to respond to Disney + in the United States Dance with the stars will now be broadcast via the platform with big ears. Obviously, the question arises: can this new Netflix broadcast service be limited to the United States, at least initially?

Netflix Live Sports?

It all depends on the content. The principle of live streaming is that it could not be subtitled directly. Unless you have Flash on your keyboard, but last time I heard it, it’s still an imaginary character. As a result, it is not easy to broadcast an American program live without the opportunity to offer VOST to other countries. On the other hand, there are programs whose broadcasting in the original version would not cause too many problems, even possible commentators in a dedicated language: sports. We recently saw Prime Video start broadcasting, for example, Ligue 1 or Roland-Garros. In the UK, the platform also broadcasts Premier League matches. Therefore, if Netflix wants to follow this model, it is quite possible to see the coverage of international and / or national events. According to TermIs the unexpected success of the documentary series Formula 1: the drivers of their destiny which could lead the N Rouge platform to enter the world of live sports, even if the American media realizes that would not yet be a priority.

In addition, if there is a possibility to broadcast live, as well as, for example, mythical actor selection meetings (as well as Friends and Harry Potter recently) could lead to global synchronization problems, this new proposal would allow the development of new French applications. Reality TV shows, talent shows (dancing, cooking, singing, jumping in the bathroom …) where the public could vote, or new original content, but also live comedies when there are already many. . And if you could ever worry about sports, then there would be a new strong competitor who could compete in football as well as rugby, tennis or basketball …

Therefore, the advent of live applications on Netflix may be a real revolution than a simple evolution.

Source: Term

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