New 2022 world cup match?

Until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, several events related to it took place. After a dispute over the qualifications of several countries, a rather unexpected message fell during the week. FIFA and Electronic Arts Sports have issued several press releases that have sparked a strong reaction on social networks.

Significant change in the gaming world

This is a real earthquake in the world of video games and sports. Electronic Arts has issued a statement about one of its buttons, which is the most popular and famous sports entertainment in the world.

EA sports solution

The rumor has been going on for months, but nothing has been cleared. Now this was done this week: the legendary FIFA video game saga will change its name. From 2023 the new opuses in July will be called EA Sports FC. Therefore, the last FIFA will be another, not yet released.

  • The first opus was published in 1993
  • Opus named FIFA released for 16 years in a row
  • Games released on more than 30 platforms since 1993

This is a huge saga that will be created hundreds of millions of copies have been sold over several decadeswhich ends. But the bottom line is that games will continue to play. Only the name will change, which should reassure players.

Formal divorce

In fact, Electronic Arts, global video game developers and manufacturers have decided remove the name of the federation from their production. They want to break away from it, and mark your footprint in the world of video games. We do not know the real reasons for this separation, but it is not the only surprise.

FIFA wants to create its own works

In fact, in addition to renaming the video games produced by EA Sports, FIFA has other plans for the future. The Football Federation wants to launch its own video games. From now until next year, several projects related to various sporting events should appear.

Computer games

FIFA video games would be developed and produced by as-yet-unknown studios and publishers. The goal is simple: to create a new offering for sports video game players. 2022 World Cup and 2023 Women’s World Cup projects should occur. They aim to expand the offerings of football-focused video games.

Virtual experience

In addition to the classic video games we know with eFootball (formerly PES) and FIFA (soon to be EA Sports FC), other projects seem to be in production. Indeed virtual experiences related to major sporting events such as the World Cup, is currently in FIFA ‘s plans. This may come as a surprise, as no virtual sport has ever been successful.

Here’s what, now you know all about football game news. We cannot wait until 2022. to see what FIFA has decided to create to compete with Electronic Arts Sports. A case to follow!

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