News – A group of 3D animation and computer graphics graduates from Cégep de Matane present their folders

27 graduates of the program 3D animation and image synthesis techniques Du Cégep de Matane is pleased to invite the public to an online presentation of their portfolio on Friday, May 13, at 4 p.m. Twitch on the platform. 2019-2022 The program cohort will also take the opportunity to present for the first time an animated film made during the last two sessions – the short film “Boutika Magika”.

Demonstration of course versatility

The program’s cohort of members from several regions of Quebec and France is inviting all residents to discover their work during this live broadcast. The event will highlight a wide variety of skills acquired during learning in areas as diverse as character modeling and animation, special effects, or even mastering the lighting and textures of a variety of visual environments.

After the broadcast, graduates will have the opportunity to contact employers and continue their efforts to find employment. Several pathways are available to these prospective graduates. Some of them will continue their studies at university, others are preparing to pursue careers directly in the world of work, especially in the fields of video game development, animation and video effects. Seeing the drive in this area, some people in the cohort have already received job offers or paid internships.

An application with a variety of options

Program 3D animation and image synthesis techniques Cégep de Matane offers a wide range of training in digital entertainment, covering sectors such as cartoons, video effects, video games and the interactive digital experience.

Since 2007 The program offered by the Cégep de Matane in the autumn of 2006 provided an opportunity to train people who have since excelled in some of the country’s leading studios and work for companies such as Framestore, Digital Dimension, Rodeo FX, Ubisoft and Warner. Bros, Frima, DHX, Blue Spirit or even Squeeze studio animation. Some graduates have also contributed to the visual effects of famous cinematographic works such as film blade runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve, released in 2017. and winner of several prestigious awards.

Appointment Twitch on the platform Friday, May 13, from 4 p.m.!

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