Nintendo reports a quiet financial quarter

Another financial quarter has come to a close for Nintendo, the first of this financial year, and while we’re used to seeing records broken in recent years thanks to the massive success of the Nintendo Switch, it’s clear that we’ve entered a much quieter period for the console. , even if the games continue to sell out. As usual, you can find a detailed and comprehensive analysis of this information by visiting On Oscar Lemaire’s Twitter page.

The post-Covid period is clearly felt, with turnover down 5% year-on-year and operating profit down 15%. 3.43 million were sold this quarter. Nintendo Switch – almost a quarter less compared to the same period last year. Of that number, 1.52 million, nearly half, were Nintendo Switch OLEDs, compared to 1.32 million in the previous year. classic Nintendo Switch and 590,000 Nintendo Switch Lite. This brings us to the park 111.08 million consoles since release in 2017 March.

During the period from 2022 41.41 million were sold from April to June. games, which is also 9% less than last year. The decline is particularly felt in the United States, which is going through a turbulent period in the entertainment sector, which is currently suffering. When it comes to this quarter’s releases, the big winner is clear Nintendo Switch Sports which have passed 4.84 million copies, a very good showing for a game that if never reaches the heights Wii Sportscan claim a very respectable performance. Mario Strikers Battle League is not surpassed, even if to a lesser extent, because in sales 1.91 million games, it’s the best start in the history of a sports-type Mario game, and is very close to becoming the best-selling episode in the series (currently Mario Strikers: Charged Soccer Wii with 2.57 million). Finally, a special note Kirby and the Forgotten Worldreleased last March, which broke records in reaching 4.53 million and is on track to become the series’ best-selling episode to date Kirby’s Dreamland NES, the very first opus, with 5.13 million.

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