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The network has been discussing cardinal changes in the appearance of the Russian TV presenter for several months now – fans suspect that Malakhov has oncology

The appearance of the TV presenter fans are still seriously concerned about his health. Malakhov looks tired, but the extra weight isn’t going anywhere. Those close to the family of the main gossip of Russian show business have even stated that Malakhov is being treated for cancer in Germany.

Not so long ago, there was an active discussion online that the scandalous presenter could soon leave his post and will no longer host an evening show on television. But for now, thankfully, Malakhov is still appearing in public and still leading his talk show.

Recently, a TV presenter fueled rumors about her illness. In the broadcast of his program, Malakhov appeared in a new wig. The photo appeared in one of the Telegram channels “Nemalakhov“.


What happened to Malahov?

Rumors that Andrei Malakhov was seriously ill began to spread this winter. At first, the TV presenter started wearing a wig, but then he started to gain weight noticeably and quickly, which made his fans very worried.

According to one version, Malakhov could develop oncological disease after rejuvenation with stem cells. Well-known producer Olesya Sazykina also said they tried to poison the TV presenter.

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