On the way to a world without passwords

The stronger, longer, and therefore more complex your password, the more secure your access to our information will be. Password is so important it’s World Password Day

For many of us, password security is always postponed to tomorrow: we know we need to use stronger and more unique passwords, but too often we always postpone the issue to another day. Then comes the flaw, hacked is, we lose several days reviewing everything and choosing solutions that will allow us to do without “123456”, which is not a secure password 🙂 Attacks on passwords per second have almost doubled since this time last year. There are 921 password attacks per second, or a total of 79.5 million attacks per day.

If you’re using one of the best password managers (man bitwarden), even if you use an incorrect master password or re-use your login credentials, it’s not secure. Other methods designed to mitigate these threats, such as two-factor authentication, can be hacked, which is rare but exists. Hackers have adopted so-called SIM swap attacks to access recovery codes sent to users via text message, which means that even secure methods can be compromised.

Apple, Google and Microsoft decided to try something else. Three technology giants have announced their intention to work on a common connectivity standard that they have createdFIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. If everything goes according to plan, the new system could completely remove passwords, making it easier for you to sign in to apps and websites. (Hundreds of technology companies and service providers around the world have been working on this standard, which could lead to its widespread adoption in the future.)

In a joint press release, the companies explained that they were working to offer a complete password-free option. Users will sign in with the same action they take several times a day to unlock their devices, such as a simple fingerprint or face verification or device PIN. This includes fingerprint recognition, tools such as an Apple Face ID, or a device PIN. In particular, biometric authentication is a much more secure way to secure accounts than using a password, as Apple estimates that Face ID is only one in a million chances of being scammed. The new features will allow you to:

  • to allow users to automatically access their FIDO login credentials (some call them “passwords”) on many of their devices, even new ones, without the need to re-register each account.
  • Use FIDO authentication on your mobile device to log in to an app or website on a nearby device, regardless of the operating system platform or browser on which they run.


The FIDO standard allows users to find their login credentials on their devices (including new ones) without re-registering each account. In addition, you’ll be able to sign in to one device with another device nearby, for example, you can use iPhone to sign in to an account on your Windows computer, regardless of the operating system used by each device. These new features are expected to be available on Apple, Google and Microsoft platforms next year.

What are the easiest tips for getting good passwords with ESET UK?

Password generators

It’s important to use a unique password for each account. This reduces the risk of identity theft and money theft. For complex password selection, there are online password generators that allow you to create a variety of character strings with numbers, letters, and special characters. But the easiest way is to create a passphrase: AujourdhuiEn-V @ endee-ilfaitB3au!

Password managers

The first step is not to lose passwords, for this purpose there are password managers, they are easy to use. They allow you to save all your passwords after one password. Don’t forget this! Password managers are software that you need to install on your computer or mobile phone for quick and easy access. As a result, they never lose or forget many different and complex passwords that are more secure.

Change your passwords regularly

To further protect yourself, it’s important to change your passwords regularly to reduce the risk of your online accounts being compromised. It is recommended to change your password every year, for example on International Password Day, to keep a date in the world that cannot be forgotten. A good password manager should let you know when your passwords are about to expire and monitor it for any data leaks.

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