'One or two beers are good', young Eden Hazard's confessions about her lifestyle during her career

Eden Hazard, who has been retired since October, does not hesitate to give up his truths about his lifestyle. Now away from the pitch, the Belgian had already confided his “laziness in training” and all the bad things he thought about his diet. In a new episode of the Obi One Podcast, the former Real Madrid player made new taboo-free confessions.

“Every summer I gained four or five kilograms because I told myself that for ten months we gave so much, we put our bodies at the highest level and people kick us, so rest is rest time. Don't ask me I can do anything. Me like to be with my family, go to the beach, so don't ask me to run in these three or four weeks. I can play soccer on the beach with my kids, no problem, but don't ask me to run.”

“After a good game a beer or two is fine”

In addition to the extra pounds, which he fully takes on, Eden Hazard remembers the power surge “between September and October” every season to “need time” to put his body and mind in “the best possible conditions”. But he does not forget the essential. “As Belgians, we love beer, because my country has the best beer in the world, so I'm not telling you that I drink every day, because it's not true, but sometimes after a good match, one or two beers are good,” he admits.

Eden Hazard's tongue-in-cheek confession didn't sit well with everyone. RMC, Christophe Dugary expressed his “shame” following the former Red Devils captain's first remarks. “Obviously you can't follow the rules about everything but promoting nonsense is a shame. Hazard was a great player but it's a shame for the supporters who paid to see you play when you were drunk the day before. His interview is a laugh at the world and football. If you want act like a brave guy, you have to say it in advance. Why doesn't he? Didn't you tell Zidane before he was signed by Real Madrid for €100 million?”

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