OnlyTok: social networking attracts a million users a day!

TikTok continues to be a hit worldwide! 1 million users download the app every day …

TikTok is one of the programs the most shipped in the world. In recent weeks, 1 million users started working on a social network. Are you part of it? MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Stand out from TikTok.

There are thousands of you every day will entertain you with TikTok.. Needless to say, you are spoiled for choice about video content.

In this social network, the most important thing is to stand out and create a fuss … Of course, for those who want to!

You do not have to share messages. In any case, some Internet users have become TikTok stars. To like Kaby Lame!

His imprisonment simply exploded during his imprisonment. Turning in front of the camera, he dissects tips worth seeing. Self-mockery is always appropriate.

To date, the main stakeholder in TikTok subscribes by the thousands. The biggest brands are fighting for cooperation with him!

” From now on, I would like to do my job. Make people happy, make them laugh, also confessed to Kaby Lame for Corriere Della Sera. “And then help my parents … My friends and my neighborhood. I owe them everything “.

Others use TikTok as a marketing tool. It is impossible to ignore Addison Rae!

The businesswoman has a few strings! Famous influencer, singer and actress… It shines in many areas.

Thanks to the platform, the main stakeholder has become known to the general public. Her dance skills did not leave anyone indifferent. Then everything was tied to a star!

@addisonreOriginal som original – laura

Another million users … Every day!

With the latest news, TikTok has managed to outperform other platforms. How Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter … With even Instagram !

Its growth and profitability should be closely monitored. Also note that TikTok has more than 1 billion users. It’s nothing.

These numbers clearly make you dizzy! Therefore, in 2022. in April Hootsuite and We Are Social. interested in the phenomenon.

Many of us run away on social networks every day. But he is starting to freeze. Let’s focus on quarterly growth: + 0.7% or 32 million new users reported in the last 3 months. And they are mostly Chinese.

These numbers can also be explained by various factors: there are many fewer of them people around the world. So their profession has changed.

But also 9 out of 10 Internet users participate on a social network every month. The ByteDante group has assured that TikTok has not experienced this crisis. On the contrary!

Therefore, the platform, having its own advertising audiences, can boast of this great progress. In addition, we note at the end of March 970 mln. consumers (+9.6%).

So TikTok would have attracted 85 million users … in just 3 months. That means 1 million new users every day.

The parody videos, textbooks. However, even the challenges, only a few are named, always make people happy!

TikTok has nothing to do with advertising envy their biggest competitors. Large groups support TikTokeurs every year. And campaigns generate thousands of views each time … and thousands of dollars!

The TikTok partnership has become commonplace. And as always, the more content the more fun the more noise!

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