opposition regrets that Emmanuel Macron wants to “change the method without changing a comma in his project”

In his speech, Emmanuel Macron “opened the beginning of negotiations, the beginning of unanimity and compromise,” the government spokesman said of “several days, even weeks.”

Government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire told Franceinfo this morning“It was important and expected” that the President of the Republic is speaking, “to explain what he had heard about Sunday’s election”. “He reminded us that we are living in an unprecedented situation where the majority and the opposition will have to [trouvent] ways and means to continue to move the country forward. The President has no doubt that the opposition will have proposals, remarks, criticisms, reinforcements, refusals … regarding the project we are carrying out. He is waiting to find out the red lines and green lines instead of this text.explained by M.es Gregory.

In his speech last night, Emmanuel Macron asked the opposition to position the text of the coalition pact or vote on a case-by-case basis. “I did not hear the ultimatum. There is no ultimatum or question for forty-eight hours.insisted the representative. “It’s not” I’m waiting for your copies when I get back. “It’s the beginning of the journey, it’s not the end.said M.es Gregory, adding that “arm outstretched”.

“Arm outstretched right, left, far right as far left, do you reach out to RN as to La France insoumin?”asked journalist Sahlia Brakhlia. “The president is addressing all those who want to move the country forward. The status quo is not resilient to any political force facing the French. We are all interested in finding a way and means to move forward.”replied M.es Gregory.

Is it possible to form a coalition with the National Rally? “The government cannot refuse if a deputy votes in favor of an article or amendment. But no: not a second, the thought of searching for votes in an instant, an agreement with the National Rally ”. Un La France insulting? “It’s the same thing”confirmed Olivia Gregoara.

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