Paralympic athletes also our assets and heroes: Jahangir Khan

KARACHI, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – June 26, 2022): Legendary squash player and former world champion Jahangir Khan said the sport has the power to build a better society and the Olympic moment can bring people and nations from different backgrounds, languages, culture and faith together in peace and harmony.

He said this as a keynote speaker at a ceremony hosted by the Pakistani Olympic Environment Association (POAEC) commission in connection with the second phase of the World Olympic Day celebrations, a press release said on Sunday.

The aim of the Olympic Day celebrations is to spread the message of seeking belonging, to emphasize the power that sport has to build a better world, by uniting people under one roof in sports activities.

As part of this, people are encouraged to move together for peace through a variety of local and international activities.

Jahangir Khan said the tree plantation is a major part of the Olympic Games and the UN Charter, and the goal was to spread the message about the importance of greenery and plants for the world’s environment from the platform of sports venues.

Jahangir Khan said that if we want to regain the fame of squash, we will have to provide our players with training on modern grass-level lines to win world-class champions.

He also praised the efforts of POAEC Chairman Lt. Col. Waseem Janju and Member Tehmina Asifova for inviting special athletes to the Olympic Day celebrations, saying they were also an important segment of society.

They are very talented and endowed with God, which can be judged from their excellent show at an international event, where they won various medals and laurels for the country to be proud of international events.

Tehmina Asif, Member of the Environment Commission, noted that our aim to provide equal sporting opportunities for para-athletes and their participation in today’s program was also to emphasize their role in sport.

She announced that a program would soon be held for these special athletes to appreciate and encourage them in their sporting endeavors.

Later, the squash legend handed out gift baskets among special athletes and took selfie pictures with them, which caused smiles on the faces of exceptional people who enjoyed the company of a squash legend.

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