Paris SX: Eli Tomac and Lorenzi’s first guests!

The only international supercross that was held in restrictive conditions in 2021, the Paris Supercross wanted to celebrate this event, and it is done! The recently titled 2022 U.S. Supercross Champion, the legendary Eli Tomac, one of the biggest winners in the American Cross, a seven-time MX and SX career champion, 4th the best performance in the history of SX, just confirmed to the lucky organizers of their presence in Paris La Défense Aréna on November 11 and 12! He is the 2022 SX US 250 East Champion, a rising planetary star, and Hunter Lawrence.

Last year, we showed the best possible show, given the conditions in which everyone experienced, and our spectators played the game perfectly. », Says Xavier Odur, the sports director of the event. “This year, we thank him for presenting what is very rare, namely the reigning US champion … Historically In the 20th century, it only happened in 2000 with Jeremy McGreight, in 2009 with James Stewart, and in 2018 with Jason Anderson! Eli has already been king of Paris, but it was in 2014, a controversial edition in Lille… ” continues Xavier Odour. ” He is excited about the idea of ​​discovering La Défense Arena in Paris, where he will find an American-sized track. Looking at emerging stars, such as the Lorenz brothers, who are fighting against an champion as great as Eli, the French society, which is the most knowledgeable in the world, is already promised an unusual view. We have never had the opportunity to make announcements in early June that will allow fans to book the best seats in a very timely manner. But this is just the beginning, and there will be much more exciting news in the coming weeks! »…

The 2022 Paris Supercross will, as usual, feature the Queen’s 450 category, as well as the French SX Tour SX2 Championship in the 250 category, allowing French youth to test themselves against a handful of American wild cards. “We want to play the game with FFM and help maintain a sector that has proven itself for decades and allowed the French MX and SX to rise to the top. And of course we will also have the top FMX to stay true to our motto” 100% SX, 100% FMX, 200% Show! “», concludes Odo.

Sebastian Poitiers, President of the French Motorcycle Federation : “The Paris Supercross is a major event for the impact of our sport in France and beyond. In 2021, faced with the constraints that still exist in the context of a pandemic, the well-known Éditions Larivère continued its efforts to make it the only indoor supercross in Europe. In this 39th edition, it will be a return to the usual rhythm with two evenings, the stars and, of course, our best French riders in the SX1 or as part of the French supercross championship category SX2. FFM is pleased to be part of this great Supercross festival in France again.

Purchase of tickets

Tickets from 51 €

Children’s rates on Sundays

Group and works council rates

All seats provide access to the trials


Saturday, November 12, 2022, at 7 p.m. (new schedule)

Sunday, Nov. 13, at 3 p.m.

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