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The main organization of community and economic development of the city of Tulsa has a new name: PartnerTulsa.

A renewal of the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity (TAEO) brand was announced at Thursday’s press conference in North Tulsa.

TAEO was established in 2021 to streamline the city’s economic and community development efforts, and has effectively merged five public organizations into one.

The mission of the group with the new brand is to raise the lives of all Tulsans through a focused, innovative and transparent approach to community and economic development.

“We are committed to supporting Tulsa communities that do not have sufficient services and creating programs and partnerships that will reduce barriers to opportunities while growing a vibrant, sustainable economy,” said Kian Kamas, CEO of PartnerTulsa, in a statement. “We are aware that there is no silver ball for fair community development and economic development; it requires a multifaceted approach and strategic partnerships.

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“Our new name – PartnerTulsa – is the next big phase of our launch and captures the essence of how we work with our customers, partners and stakeholders to create an economy with opportunities for all.

One of PartnerTulsa’s most recent partnerships is with the Tulsa Global District, which supports opportunities for collaboration and provides resources for small businesses in East Tulsa. The partnership provides a grant to support the Hiring Assistance Program, which will be implemented in partnership with local agencies that support low-income people, especially immigrants and English language learners.

In addition, TAEO was a presentation sponsor of the recent event The Square at Nam Hai in Tulsa Global County, which wanted to highlight commercial opportunities and the potential for revitalization on 21st Street and Garnett Road.

“The Tulsa immigrant population is the fastest growing demographic group in the city and one of the most economically efficient,” Luisa Krug, executive director of the Global District, said in a statement. “As we strive to revitalize neighborhoods around the 21st and Garnett and East Tulsa beyond, we are committed to investing in commercial malls, while striving to protect residents and help them stay in quality and affordable housing.

“Through our partnership with TAEO and the Affordable Housing Trust, we look forward to coordinating our efforts to develop Main Street with housing assistance to support the revitalization of East Tulse.”

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