Patrick Sébastien criticizes France Télévisions’ new entertainment programs (VIDEO)

This Monday, May 2, Patrick Sébastien visited Do not touch My TV and the presenter, who was fired three years ago, was once again overthrown in the civil service.

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The split was not successful. In 2019, after 25 years of good and loyal service, France Télévisions decided to dismiss Patrick Sebastian in the renewal strategy and justifying that the latter no longer has as many audiences as before. Former presenter dissatisfied with his treatment happy year had decided to file a complaint against his former employer. After months of waiting, the verdict collapsed, confirming the separation of the popular animator and the band over time. The judges thus condemned France Télévisions to pay EUR 652 251 to the troublemaker for “sudden cessation of commercial relations”. The victory of the page for someone who claimed 26 million. Since his dismissal in France on 2. Patrick Sebastian has sailed towards other projects and the C8 is retransmitting the best moments of its programs with a good audience, proving that its success is unchanged.

The host criticizes his former employer

This Monday, May 2, Cyril Hanouna was at the helm of the new number Do not touch My TV and received Patrick Sebastian discuss its topicalities. During the show, Gilles Verdez fought hard against France Télévisions’ entertainment programs with his legendary excess. The reviewer then asked for the return of the former presenter The largest cabaret in the world on TV, the one who just confirmed that the small screen was not missing. “I let their things do their own thing, I don’t watch their shows. I’m watching TPMP, I watch things that entertain me, like Netflix. And I watch rugby“Replied the guest of the day.

“They tell us what to love”

A few seconds later, he added: “It simply came to our notice then. Then for fun, we don’t give them the space they deserve. After that, they decided it was all a variety, it wasn’t necessary. They tell us what to love. “. Not sure if this new charge against the civil service reduces tensions …

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