Paul Meilhat will travel along the Route du Rhum, crew around the world and the Vendée Globe

A huge program for the captain on his new Biotherm monocorpus.

He dreamed about it, he will survive it … Following the recent announcement that the next Vandée Globe will start in 2024, Paul Meilhat announced his participation in The Ocean Race last Thursday. From January 2023. A stunning program for the Biotherm monocorricle, which will be launched in August next year before the Route du Rhum in November. “ I’m fascinated by everything related to The Ocean Race. Not only the sporting challenge it represents, but also the journey around the world, the opportunity to discover other countries and make connections with young people; It’s all great and I’m looking forward to the full experience of this adventure at one of our biggest sporting events. It is another sailing culture that sailors have a lot in common“Paul Meilhat described in a press release.

At the helm of his new Imoca mono, Paul Meilhat is preparing for a huge program from 2022 to 2024. The program he apparently hopes will be a winner.

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