Personalities, questions, podiums. Everything you need to know about Le Grand Concours des animators

In a show aired by TF1 this Friday, June 3, at 9:10 p.m., Alessandra Sublet welcomes guests from the worlds of journalism, sports and comedy.

Julien Arnaud, Alain Bernard, Tarek Boudali, Philippe Candeloro, Djibril Cissé, Alexandre Debanne, Vincent Desagnat, Cartman, Virginie Hocq, Philippe Lacheau, Camille Lacourt, Isabelle Vitari … Twenty personalities this participates in the “Great Animators’ Competition” in the evening. But who won the most victories since the first broadcast in 2003? How are personalities selected? What are the specifications of the questions? Producer Valérie Lascar reviews everything you need to know about this program.

TV MAGAZINE. – Who won the most victories?

Valerie LASCAR. – 2003 February 11 Laurence Boccolini won the first edition of the Great Animation Competition, presented by Carole Rousseau at the time. Later, failing to repeat the feat, she will lead the show from 2018 to 2020. Who has the most victories so far? It was Julien Arnaud who won six Grand Concours. He is seconded by Christophe Beaugrand, who has been ranked first four times, followed by Alexandre Debanne, who has climbed the top of the podium three times. With two victories, we find Denis Brogniart, Estelle Denis or Élodie Gossuin, among others.

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How are Grand Concours personalities selected?

We usually send suggestions to all speakers, be it entertainment, weather, news, sports. We really don’t have any selection criteria. It’s really all we know, whatever the channel. Those who are available that day are delighted that they are coming.

No M6 animators…

We often ask for them as Karine Le Marchand. Then they are the ones who don’t come. 2019 In February, Le Parisien explained that M6 leaders would block the approval of their animator exclusivity agreements. 2019 only Erika Moulet, W9 from 2016 participated in September. I would welcome everyone, even great actors or rarely seen singers. If I had a dream, it would be to accept Jean-Jacques Goldman. Then there are the television people like Nagui, Thierry Ardisson, Michel Drucker who haven’t come yet. But we invited them.

What are the specifications of the questions?

It just has to be interesting, funny and not too easy for some and not easy for others. It needs to be balanced. We talk a lot about this with the editor-in-chief. We always try to come up with new ideas so that the show doesn’t look like the past. The editor-in-chief begins writing with her authors. You then need to check the answers to see if there are several possible answers. We remain a quiz, so we want to have humor, but we also don’t do anything. In total, almost a dozen people work with the questions.

How do we decide on a personality’s location on the set?

By kinship. We try to bring together people who like each other. When we accept Arthur and Nicosia, we know they are friends, so we put them together. For Philippe Lachau’s team, we placed them not next to each other, but close to each other so they could talk. The same goes for Chris Marques and the Dancing with the Stars. It’s a comedy, people have to laugh at each other. In fact, they all agree perfectly. When they’re on the set, the atmosphere is friendly, there’s no ego.

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Reasons for the longevity of this program?

I believe that if we do simple and easy things, don’t take the lead, viewers like it. There’s a bunch of friends out there who meet and answer questions like we’re playing at home. Le Grand Concours des animators has real players like Julien Arnaud and Christophe Beaugrand, but even they come to have fun. No one will say that.

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