Pokemon. Benjamin takes care of entering the challenging scene of the international championship

Among the tournament coordinators are english teachersthose who implement your passion in the store specialized, and some, such as Benjamin Ban, are still students. At the age of 24, he completed a course in computer science before specializing in a video game project manager (“producer”).ISART-Digital. It is invested European Pokémon International Championship weekend in Frankfurt.

Behind the scenes

This is his second time attending a Pokémon event, For the first time a month ago in Liverpool, I was a referee in a card game for the little ones (juniors and seniors) and this time I am a “stream runner” in the VGC. [les tournois sur Pokémon Épée et Pokémon Bouclier] and Pokemon GO » : He accompanies the players on stage, installs them and looks after their costumes. “If their t-shirts have signs, drawings, or notes that might be offensive, we’ll help them change them, for example.”. He also checks that everything is working technically and ensures that the best possible video stream is available to viewers. “We need to change the console settings by connecting them live, we prefer to do it ourselves rather than let players get lost in the menus! ».

Benjamin Ban, the new professor of pokemon, is organizing the arrival of video game players on the Twitch stream stage for the 2022 European Pokémon International Championships in Frankfurt. © Mariona Bardzhaki

pokemon scout

His history with Pokémon? “I started with Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver or maybe red and blue, I’m not sure, but I remember very clearly the gold version: my older brother had to play Game Boy. After that, I kept following all the Pokémon video games, I like collecting them, Complete the story of each game at least once..At exit of Pokémona sword and Pokemon shieldhe starts to compete a bit, but admits: today he doesn’t have time to follow all the new strategies or create the best teams.

In playing cards, he was first a collector before trying to play some matches, “The same thing since Sword and Shield, I bought two starter kits to play with friends, and it took! So in Liverpool, I was a referee in a card game, not a video game.. And if he was also responsible for the new competitors, it is undoubtedly, he said, because of the young people he knows: Benjamin is also the scout leader of Yvelines.

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Willingness to invest worldwide

But in Paris, Benjamin was a little disappointed with certain commercial practices: “There was no competition, just tournaments to open new card packs, and the stores set prices that weren’t very reasonable. We wanted to offer lower prizes and other, more competitive tournaments to prepare for big events.. He later discovered the professor’s program. Last month selected to oversee the Liverpool race, today the Frankfurt race, he is going to go to Lille, then to Bremen: “I will apply to Milan and the world of London, you never know!” he said with a laugh. This is because he has to have a bottle to be chosen to organize the “Worlds”, so until then he tries to invest as much as possible in events and positions. After playing cards and live and stage control, he would love to resort to video game test arbitrage. “It’s always great to work on such huge events with people who don’t speak our language: sometimes it’s hard to understand each other, but we always get there.”.

foto Benjamin ban, behind the scenes, organizes the arrival of video game players on the twitch stream stage for the 2022 pokemon europe international championship in Frankfurt.  © Mariona Bargiači

Benjamin Bans is organizing behind-the-scenes arrival of video game players on the Twitch Stream for the 2022 Pokémon Europe International Championships in Frankfurt. © Mariona Bardzhaki

An adventure open to everyone

Among the insignificant benefits: travel. The costs of the international competition are covered by Pokémon Professors as well as hotel stays. “For regional competitions like Liverpool or the next Bilbao, the rides are at our expense.” clear Benjamin. “I didn’t have to spend anything in Frankfurt, it’s an opportunity! I have never been to Germany. ”Especially when the French community is present “and it allows you to speak a little French and relax your brain”another great advantage is meeting players from all over the world, “I was able to meet Spaniards, Italians and Australians! There are so many people to talk to, so many things to learn from others. ”.

photo Benjamin watches the stage as players prepare to enter the Pokemon Europe International Championships in Frankfurt.  © Mariona Bargiači

Benjamin watches the stage as players prepare to enter the Pokémon International Championships Europe in Frankfurt. © Mariona Bardzhaki

Like all his members, he urges the curious to embark on a Pokémon adventure: “There are many resources on the Internet, whether it’s for Pokémon card games or video games. The French communities of Discord are very active.”. At first glance, this may seem daunting, as there is a lot of information, but with the right people, you can get started very quickly. “The community is very welcoming: I got involved late! I have been a Pokémon professor since September and everything went very well ». In the future, Benjamin hopes to improve in various positions and rise to the role of Professor Pokemon.

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