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VICKSBURG, Miss. – Researchers from 10 US Army Engineer Districts have been selected for the 2023 Engineering Research and Development Center University (ERDC-U) session.

Garrett Hall, senior mechanical engineer at The Dalles Dam and Dam in the Portland area, was selected as a participant in this expansion program, now in its eighth year.

The 12 shortlists were announced by ERDC-U Program Manager Antisa Webb, Acting Head of the Technology, Knowledge and Outreach (TKO) Division of the Office of Research and Technology Transfer (ORTT). in 2023 the class orientation session was held from February 27 to March 2 at the ERDC headquarters.

“ERDC-U offers partnerships between USACE division and district participants and their respective lab mentors for six-month research projects that result in technical solutions that benefit their workplace, the Corps and the nation,” Webb said. “Working with these subject matter experts from ERDC’s seven state-of-the-art labs, participants will focus on real-world solutions as they also develop leadership skills within their home organization.”

As Senior Mechanical Engineer for The Dalles Dam and Dam Operations, Hall’s work with this multi-purpose facility has accumulated in many ways, from developing projects related to power generation, spillways, fish passage, navigation and recreation to facilitating seven-figure repair projects.

Hall’s ERDC-U project, based at ERDC’s Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (CHL) with mentors Travis Fillmore and Chad Bounds, will focus on cracks in downstream gates at the Dulles Navigation Lock. Hall first discovered the cracks during a normal fault in 2021. and has been involved in repair, research and design ever since. His project aims to gain knowledge of ERDC processes and capabilities from CHL experts based in Vicksburg to improve The Dalles Dam.

The program is co-sponsored by ERDC’s Directorate of Human Capital (DHC) through application and selection. Funding for the program is split between the selected department or county, choosing to cover labor costs or travel with another ERDC-funded facility.

“Mr. Hall has expressed interest in the development task at ERDC. In our discussions, he would like to explore downstream navigation lock gate issues,” said James Gale, chief engineering officer at The Dalles Dam. “This effort would give Mr. Hall a more diverse view of the work we do at multiple levels. This effort would allow Mr. Hall to further his knowledge of an important piece of our hardware here at The Dalles Dam and Dam. Supporting this effort provides even more intangible benefits to our organization and agency. We would be honored to have Mr. Hall take on such a project. In closing I support Mr. Hall’s efforts in this detailed task.

“The ERDC-U experience creates collaboration and ongoing partnerships with ERDC team members as an investment in the future of the Corps as well as career-long problem-solving contacts,” Webb said.

The ERDC University Program specifically seeks individuals with interest and experience in general science and engineering fields that include one of the following areas:

  • Civil works and water resources
  • Environmental quality and facilities
  • Geospatial research and engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Military engineering

Participants are members of an interdisciplinary research and development team reporting to project managers and/or direct research and development program managers.

ERDC Director Dr. David Pittman said those selected “will have the opportunity to build great relationships that can help you for the rest of your career, and we will be able to learn from you about the needs of the district.”

If you have any questions about the program, please contact [email protected] Applications 2024 for the program will be opened on October 1. After GS-7-13 team members click on the Opportunities icon at:https://wiki.erdc.dren.mil/ERDC_University

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