Positive technologies: foreign intelligence services are not involved in cyber attacks on Russia

Foreign intelligence services do not carry out cyber attacks on Russian resources, said Maxim Filippov, director of business development of positive technologies in Russia. conference Kommersant Publishing House “Maintaining IT Defense: Cyber ​​Security in New Realities.”

“All that happens are fan attacks. The hacker community is divided into those who are for the “reds” and those who are for the “whites”. However, these are not attacks by special services. This has not happened and will not happen, I hope, “said the expert.

However, according to Mr Filippov, foreign hackers attacking Russia can avoid responsibility for their actions. “We are in a different cyber reality. If once it was a crime for a hacker from abroad, if he broke the infrastructure of a Russian bank, now, behind everything that is happening, he can afford it. They can apologize. Now Russia’s infrastructure has become almost a legitimate facility for this (cyber attacks. ” U ”). And we must continue to live in this reality, “the expert concluded.

According to the allegations TASS, the number of cyber attacks on Russian sources increased at least fourfold in March compared to February. In early March, hackers carried out attacks on the websites of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Roskomnadzor. Russian media sites have also been subjected to cyber attacks and intrusions: Kommersant, Forbes, Izvestia, Fontanka, TASS, Mel publications. Hackers from the Anonymous group have claimed responsibility for some of them.

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More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant.”

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