Poterheads impressed after Harry Potter’s themed song, a perfectly reproduced bird; Watch

Social media provides a lot of content to animal lovers, which is actually a lot. From funny cat and dog pranks to funny birds, videos about the animal kingdom are often on the list of viruses. Now, a video in which a bird effortlessly humming a Harry Potter theme has garnered praise from Internet users, many of whom have been fascinated by the wonders created by nature.

The video was first shared on TikTok and later on the Instagram page called Animals Doing Things. In the video, the bird is seen squatting on a lady’s hand and humming her head. The viral clip undoubtedly captivated the Potterheads (a term used to refer to Harry Potter fans) who joined the comments section and praised the “singing sensation.” However, the details of who owned the bird or its location remained undisclosed.

Internet users respond to the singing of birds in a Harry Potter themed song

The video was shared on Instagram with the caption “Breath He Takes in the Middle.” The clip has garnered $ 16.1 million since it was shared. views and about 1.8 million Like clicks, accompanied by plenty of comments. However, one comment from the TikTok video that included the video stated that the bird mimicked the breath of the lady in the video, humming to the tune. One Instagram user, meanwhile, commented, “You’re doing great, darling.” Another user wrote, “Oh, my stars, I love you, bird !!!”.

File: Instagram / @ animalsdoingthings

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