Prime Minister Modi praises the Sound of Money initiative, which details UPI’s growth; “Fascinated, innovative”

Make sure your device has the largest volume before viewing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest Twitter post praising the growth of UPI transactions in India using data sonication techniques using the “sound of money”. Prime Minister Modi joined Twitter on Wednesday in response to a post on the data visualization platform India in Pixels that used the sound of money to use data visualization techniques. In the above-mentioned video, when the growth curve of UPI operations rises in the graph, each subsequent growth of the data – month after month – is combined with a bright sound.

It is important to note that the tweet basically depicts the growth trajectory of UPI transactions from 2 million. up to 9 million kroons in the five years from 2016 July. until 2021 July.

India in pixels, the idea of ​​Ashris Choudhury, visualizes complex data in a simple visualization format to make it easier to understand. The data platform on the response thanked PM Modi for saying that this pat will be an inspiration that will inspire the team for many years to come.

Prime Minister Modi praises India in pixels

PM Modi’s tweeter said, “I’ve talked quite often about UPI and digital payments, but I really enjoyed using the sound of money transferred using data ultrasound to convey the essence effectively. Very interesting, impressive and obviously informative! @indiainpixels “

In response, Ashris Choudhury thanked the Prime Minister for the praise and said patting his back was a big gesture of encouragement and would force him to work hard for years to come. “I lost my heartbeat when I saw it! Thank you very much @narendramodi for appreciating my idea – UPI is truly a revolution that the world is paying attention to today. This pat will allow me to continue for many years, thank you very much.”

Growth of UPI operations

According to the recently published data of the National Corporation of India (NPCI), in 2022 March. a total of 1.56 kroons or 2 trillion dollars (at 2022 prices) was transferred through UPI. Of these, 81% were formed only after the pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 2021 Launching two digital-focused RBI initiatives in November, UPI has become a world leader in digital operations in a very short time. In just seven years, the number of digital transactions in India has increased 19 times. Today, our banking system operates 24 hours, 7 days and 12 months at any time and anywhere in the country.

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