“Put him in place and let him do it and see what you get.”

Bronny James The city has been talked about for the last few years for understandable reasons. In addition to being the first-born of LeBron James, Bronny is also to be the “heir to the throne,” a nickname associated primarily with the reference to “king.”

Gilbert Arenas, an NBA veteran and former great Washington Wizards, recently appeared in the “I am Athlete” podcast with Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy and Adam Bernard “Pacman” Jones.

Among other topics of discussion, the topic of Bronny James, which was addressed by Arenas, was also raised. Gilbert Arenas shared his thoughts in response to Jones’ ‘Pacman’ question, whether LeBron and Bronny James would share the trial.

Arenas said:

“Yes, because that’s his next goal, it’s the most interesting thing no other athlete can … I mean by basketball.”

Bronny James has been a prominent topic for over two years. LeBron James made clear his desire to connect with his son before he put on his shoes.

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LeBron James has reiterated on several occasions that he prefers to share the word with his son. Make no mistake, James’s extended career so far has been a direct result of his dedication, skills and determination to work.

However, his primary intent was always to play at an extraordinary level long enough to make a story with Bronny. This, in turn, allowed the four-time NBA champion to maintain an elite level of endurance, durability and robustness at the highest possible level in world sports.

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Arenas added:

“He’s still knocking, he’s still so raw, he’s knocking into what he is. He’s still knocked out he’s not defined as a player yet, because he’s still growing. If I’m them, he’s one of those guys like you, you can . ” as if he were one of these types of athletes at this point.

“Put him in place and let him do it and see what you get. He can shoot the ball very well, he has the same IQ level, he plays defenses and jumps, so he’s a professional.”

The fact remains that Bronny James is still only 17 years old. His game may not yet be tailored to the NBA, but his determination, determination and desire to improve his art mean that he will certainly find success in his career.

Bronny James’ journey to the NBA

2021 Hoophall West - Perry v.  Sierra Canyon
2021 Hoophall West – Perry v. Sierra Canyon

In May 2019, James transferred to Sierra Canyon School, a private K-12 school in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, for his first year of high school. The attention he had gained since then was nothing short of phenomenal.

Bronny James is a versatile player who can play in the position of both the tip and the shooting guard. The 6’3 shooter, who can also create his own shots, is good at handling the ball and passing. The virtues and skills his father possessed.

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Bronny has all the tools he needs to succeed. Assuming he can transfer these skills to the big stage, then all the 17-year-old will have to bring will be his mentality and self-confidence, which has nothing but the world level.

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