QMJHL Cup: Albatross is well represented among the best potential players

Bird color owners Anthony Parais, Noah La Rochelle, Maxim Masse, goalkeeper Emil Bonoye, Jacob Bolje and Matisse Dube will want to improve their selection. In addition to the six hockey players, coach Mike McLoor is also present, who will take care of one of the four teams of hope. This is an important step in view of the annual auction in July.

“Sure, you want to prove what you’re capable of, but you play like you do in the season, showing your strengths and improving your weaknesses,” said Paris.

“I’m going there and I want to give myself 100%, I want to give my best for what happens, I can’t control it,” said Jacob Bolje.

“We have had a good year here and Mike went to get good players from outside, we are well represented and it is good for the team,” explained Matisse Dube.

“Show my qualities in attack and defense, and what happens will happen,” said Noah La Rochelle.

Among the six two Albatross hopes is an A rating according to the central configuration. Is striker Maxim Mass and defender Anthony Parie under additional pressure? And did they lose everything, unlike the others, which were worse?

“In this tournament, everyone starts from scratch, the recruiters will monitor everyone, so you have to do your best,” explained Maxim Masse.

“Have to look at everyone, definitely if I go bad, I can go down, but if I go good, I can also take off, but everyone has their chance, not just me because I’m A, anyone can win or lose positions “said Paris.

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