Quest 2 Hand Tracking 2.0 provides major improvements

Quest 2’s new Hand Tracking 2.0 mode significantly improves the use of hands-free controls.

Meta says its scientists and engineers have “developed a new method for deep learning to better understand hand postures when the device’s cameras don’t see the whole hand or when the hand moves quickly.” “. “. monitoring continuity.

Apparently, the new mode can cope with fast-moving hands, covering one hand with the other and even touching scripts with their hands, which has temporarily stopped tracking. This should make manual tracking much more user-friendly and enable new actions such as applause and finger counting.

For now, Hand Tracking 2.0 is an optional developer-side update, so you’ll need to wait for applications to release updates that support it to see any of these improvements. However, Hand Tracking 2.0 will become the default later this year.

The new mode changes High frequency manual tracking mode was launched last year. This mode was also chosen by the developer, it also improved fast hand movements and reduced delay, but it was replaced by a slight increase in hand shake and speed limit. The maximum CPU and GPU clock available for applications. Meta says Hand Tracking 2.0 offers fast high-frequency movement and more, but it works at the default frequency so you don’t have to compromise.

We haven’t tested Hand Tracking 2.0 yet, but here’s what developers who have previously accessed it through Meta have to say:

In the past, manual observation of cubism relied on equalization of manual input to create a stable input method. In addition, players had to learn not to cross their hands as this negatively affected tracking. All of this has been improved with the latest hand tracking, which is consistent enough to turn off hand-comparison by default.“- Cubism developer Thomas Van Bouwel

This hand-tracking update is a big step forward for natural and intuitive hand interaction. As a result of this huge improvement, we hope more people will experience what manual tracking can offer for inclusive experiences.“- hand physics laboratory

Although we were able to achieve a very robust and accurate game using an earlier version of hand tracking, we had to set some limits to the game. This had to be done in order to ensure a smooth experience that would not be interrupted by the problems that new technologies can occasionally face. With the latest update, manual tracking is so accurate and responsive that we’ve been able to incorporate all the benefits we couldn’t have before: quick finger position changes, a higher number of notes, and more realism, making songs more enjoyable. . more authentic.“- Disconnected: air guitar

Our workouts require a lot of quick shots, so it is imperative that hand tracking remains rigorous. We are very pleased with this latest update and welcome the general direction of manual tracking on the Quest platform.“- light boxer

An update to the Unity SDK and Unreal Engine should be available to other developers in the coming days.

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