RD&X Network launches ReBid – the world’s 1st unified AI marketing and advertising automation platform for marketers and agencies

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – (BUSINESS WIRE) –ReBid is the world ‘s first unified marketing and advertising automation platform AI, ready for a cookie – free world using proprietary algorithms based on artificial intelligence that leverages MadTech (MarTech + AdTech) to simplify digital marketing. ReBid has unified workflows, data reconciliation and real-time automatic reporting. This means an immediate saving of 40% in resources and leads to an increased return on advertising investment (ROAS) of more than 30%.

ReBid’s many partnerships in advertising, marketing, data management and more ensure an unprecedented reach of 98% of the global digital media audience.

ReBid has gained large customers in the SEA, the Middle East and the US since the beginning of the year, achieving 200% business growth since the beginning of the year.

“ReBid unifies, simplifies and increases each customer’s digital marketing and advertising efforts and saves real dollars in the process, while significantly increasing ROAS. Our cookie-free approach led by artificial intelligence and a clear focus on data enrichment 1 “It allows brands and marketers to build a single view of their customers as they prove their digital marketing in the future,” he said. Rajiv Dingrafounder and CEO, RD&X Network.

ReBid offers many advantages and characteristicsincluding:

  • Access to ad activation and reporting capabilities through integrations such as search and display (Google Ads), social ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads), software (Display Video 360 and more), ad servers (Campaign Manager 360 ), Analytics (Google Analytics) and more

  • Fully automated and one-click reporting that can be exported to more than 20 pre-built reporting templates

  • See CXO dashboards with key insights into the performance of channels, ads, devices, and keywords

  • Real-time monitoring of KPI campaigns and pace status

  • Optimize active campaigns on 15 platforms with a single click

  • Artificial Intelligence Recommendations for Quotations, Budgets, Speed, and More in Media Plans and Campaigns

  • Embed first person data and convert it into an ID before activating it on the best software platforms

  • Access and analyze log-level programming and enterprise programming

  • Build and enrich a single view of the customer’s path among web and application users and automate the entire marketing workflow

ReBid is a business platform certified with the highest global data security and compliance certificates, such as SOC2, ISO 27001 and GDPR.

ReBid also has a free login version for digital marketers to try them out.

About the RD&X network

Founded in 2020 by Rajiv Dingra, RD&X Network is a global marketing and advertising technology company based in Dubai, UAE. It leverages MarTech, AdTech and Deep Tech to foster creative, media, data and business transformation and helps global businesses become disruptive in real time, achieving exponential growth.

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