Research: two laboratories opened

The Laboratory of Applied Physics has a research unit on nanomaterials and technological materials, while the Laboratory of Nuclear Physics has a marine pollution monitoring project (in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency), explained the director of the National Institute for Exact and Natural Sciences. (Irsen), Professor Joseph Goma Chimbakala.

Asking about the confusion about the nuclear physics laboratory, Irsen’s director reminded that nuclear energy is useful in the fields of human radiation therapy, agriculture, health, electricity generation and artificial intelligence, among others. “These two laboratories will facilitate the training and supervision of young researchers by giving women a special place.” said Irsen’s director.

The Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, Edith Delfin Emanuela, must promote the development of the country through applied research. The government and its partners will continue to invest in the construction, equipment and modernization of laboratories, as scientific research is a lever to address a number of development challenges.

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