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The Minot Park area, in partnership with the Minot Swim Club, hosted the world’s largest swimming lesson in the Roosevelt Park Pool on Thursday.

The Park District has invited children aged 5-12 to join the global team and take a free 30-minute swimming lesson.

The annual Greatest Swimming Lesson in the World is an event coordinated by the World Water Park Association and bringing together leading safety and training organizations from around the world to send one targeted message – Swimming Lessons Save Lives.

Hundreds of swimming instructors in 14 countries and 42 states across the United States kicked off the official start of the summer by teaching tens of thousands of children vital water safety skills to raise awareness and help prevent children from drowning.

“Safety is our top priority at the Roosevelt Park Pool and throughout Minot Park,” said Ron Merritt, executive director of Minot Park County. He said they enjoyed a partnership with the Minot Swim Club “draw attention to the importance of water safety.”

“Learning to swim and be safe by the water is a life-giving opportunity.” said Gerald Brown, coordinator of a special event in Minot Park County. “We hope to begin to spread this lightness of mind by teaching children some life-saving tips and strategies.”

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