Russia claims to have destroyed 125 aircraft and 383 Ukrainian drones – La Nouvelle Tribune

Russia’s air and space forces have destroyed 125 aircraft, 88 helicopters and 383 drones since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenko told reporters on Sunday. ” Since the beginning of the special military operation, 125 aircraft, 88 helicopters and 383 drones, 221 anti-aircraft vehicles, 1,903 tanks and other armored vehicles, 207 multiple rocket launchers, 805 artillery and mortar weapons, as well as 1,781 military vehicles “Said Igor Konashenko.

According to him, the Russian anti-aircraft defense shot down two Ukrainian drones near Koudriashovka and Šurovka yesterday. As a reminder, since the launch of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, the Westerners have imposed very harsh sanctions on Russia. The country announced countermeasures, in particular a payment in rubles for Russian gas. In addition to similar announcements, Russia can count on its partner, China.

China has not taken an open position and continues to work with Mask. This Saturday, the country ‘s authorities announced that China does not circumvent sanctions imposed on the country under the leadership Putina. Wang LutongThe Director General of European Affairs at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs told reporters that China contributes to the global economy by conducting normal trade with Russia.

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