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In this first article, we explore the improved Smart Hub and Gaming Hub.1 interfaces, so read on to learn more about how the 2022 series simplifies entertainment in completely new ways.

Improved Smart Hub: all in one place

Brand new Smart Hub 2022 The series combines all aspects of the Smart TV experience in one easy-to-navigate screen. The new interface, developed using Tizen, divides all features and content into three user-friendly tabs for easy access.

The On-Screen Content section cleverly divides your content and entertainment into three easy-to-understand tabs: Samsung Media, Game Hub, and Ambience on Samsung TVs, and Media, Game Hub, and Samsung Smartphone Monitors. Workspace.

Be smarter when it comes to entertainment options

You’ll see all your entertainment options instantly on the Media tab from video-on-demand and basic streaming services to Samsung TV Plus2 organized in one place.

In addition, as you use your smart TV or monitor over time, the Smart Hub interface learns from your viewing habits and choices on your favorite platforms and services. After learning about your preferences, he offers smart recommendations to make it easier than ever to pick a new show and finish off the evening.3

▲ Smart Monitor M8 Spring Green

Not only can you enjoy all of your favorite OTT services when you want to relax watching a TV show or movie, including Disney +, YouTube4 and more, you can also take advantage of Samsung’s patented OTT smart service, Samsung TV Plus, to watch a variety of TV series, sports matches and other exciting content on demand. completely free.

Enjoy smooth games

It is projected that in 2022 Debuting on some of the latest models in the series, Gaming Hub is a completely new streaming game discovery platform where gamers can access their favorite games faster without any download or storage requirements. The Gaming Hub is a one-stop shop for all your destinations so you can easily and smartly access your favorite games.

Samsung has not only developed a more consistent gaming experience, but has also announced a Gaming Hub partnership with premium gaming streaming partners, including NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Stadia and Utomik, and more.

Samsung understands that the best gaming experience is not just about ease of use: gamers need screens that deliver the highest quality specifications for an immersive experience. That is why in 2022. The monitor series has specifications and features to take games to the next level. This includes HDMI 2.1 ports,5 Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K 144Hz games, Super Ultrawide GameView and Game Bar for fast, streamlined gaming with the latest video quality technology and configurable settings.

With the Neo QLED 8K or Samsung 2022 smart monitor, you can enjoy your favorite game, no matter how fast or action-packed, with reduced latency and incredible picture quality and resolution.

Be sure to check out the second and third parts of this series, where we’ll take a look at more game-changing smartphones in 2022. series features. In the second part, we’ll look at how SmartThings is set up to access a variety of devices. smarter than ever before, and in the third article, we’ll see how the third Smart Hub category was created on Samsung’s Ambient TVs. Get the most out of your screen, and how Samsung’s smart screen features can help improve your lifestyle.

1 Gaming Hub availability may vary by region.

2 Service availability may vary by region.

3 Service availability may vary by region.

4 The availability of the streaming service depends on your country. A subscription may be required.

5 Port specifications may vary by product.

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