Science will help solve regional problems

Russian Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov signed an order to launch a pilot project. Research topics in national subjects will now be coordinated by regional leaders

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It is reported that such an approach will allow the results of scientific research to be applied to the problems of a specific region.

– The project will only affect universities and research institutes that are part of world-class science and education centers (RACs) and report to the Ministry of Education and Science. noted Valery Falkov.

He also added that the initiative would not apply to other science and education organizations.

– When planning new basic scientific research topics for 2023, the stage of their consideration in the REC Council meetings, which is chaired by the leaders, is added. The Council will be able to assess the proposed topics and their compliance with the REC Operational Program. And to analyze how they relate to the socio-economic needs of the region in the context of sanctions, said Valery Falkov.

The new approach was thus designed to maximize the scientific potential for regional development.

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