Scientists in Vietnam have discovered a new variant of COVID-19

HANOJA, Vietnam – Vietnam has unveiled a new variant of COVID-19, a hybrid strain first discovered in India and the UK, the Vietnamese health minister said.

Scientists have identified a variant by examining the genetic makeup of the virus, which had recently infected some patients, Ngujans Tans Longs said on Saturday. Laboratory tests show it can spread more easily than other versions of Covid-19, he said.

Minister Longs mentioned that the new option has spread to 30 of Vietnam’s 63 municipalities and provinces. This could be responsible for the recent increase in confirmed cases.

Viruses often develop small genetic changes as they multiply. New variants of coronavirus have been observed since COVID-19 was first detected in China in late 2019.

The World Health Organization has listed four “concerns” worldwide, including those identified in the United Kingdom, India, South Africa and Brazil.

Vietnam first excelled in the fight against the coronavirus. By the beginning of May, just over 3,100 confirmed cases and 35 deaths had been reported since the pandemic broke out.

However, in recent weeks, the country has seen an increase of more than 3,500 new cases and 12 additional deaths.

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