Seattle Harbor to create the world’s first cruise green corridor

The Seattle HarborJuneau city and district and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will work with leading global cruise lines to create the world’s first green cruise corridor.

The partnership aims to explore the potential of the Green Corridor to accelerate the deployment and operation of non-greenhouse gas emitting vessels between Alaska, British Columbia and Washington.

The commitment of the first movement was announced at the International Ports and Ports Association World Ports Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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The partners have agreed:

  • Work together to explore the potential of a green corridor in the Pacific Northwest of North America, including, but not limited to, further defining the scope and application of this concept;
  • Strengthen and support existing emission reduction efforts and use the Green Corridor as a platform for low greenhouse gas emissions technologies and ship testing where possible; and
  • Collaborate to identify governance structures, timelines, and systems needed to guide regional efforts.

“These first steps come together to tackle the most pressing issue of our time, climate change,” said Seattle Harbor Commissioner Fred Feleman.

“By exploring the development of the Green Corridor, we are bringing resources and technological progress to the region, where commercially viable non-greenhouse gas emitting vessels can sail much faster.

“We are not naive about the challenges ahead. However, we recognize the need to take action as we move towards an inclusive blue economy that is equally suited to climate, trade and communities.

This project supports the 2021 The Klidebank Declaration, signed by 24 countries, supports the creation of at least six green corridors by 2025.

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