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Gabriel Jesus scored four goals against Watford on Saturday and was in the same conversation as Hristov Stoichkov, Romario and Ronaldo within the hour.
So it’s not a bad afternoon, especially when there were reports on Friday that Arsenal were interested in signing it this summer. Jesus’ shares weren’t that high since he first came to Manchester City in January 2017 and immediately pushed Sergio Aguera out of the team.
And yet, the past five years have not gone through the same trajectory, and it would not be a City season without a debate about whether Jesus is good enough for the team or not.
In general, if you ask a player questions after five years, there is a good chance that you have already received your answers.
So should City keep it or not? It certainly doesn’t hurt to keep someone able to sit on the bench for long spells, but with the ability to enter big matches and contribute. How many players couldn’t play in the Premier League for three months and then threw them into a huge match against Liverpool?
However, before embarking on this journey, it goes without saying that a 25-year-old wants to consider.
One of the key factors about his future – apart from the fact that his contract expired in 2023 – is that it is the year of the World Cup, in which players want to play regularly enough to fight for their countries. Jesus was not on Brazil’s newest team.
It helped him score his goals (and assisted in the second, as well as winning his own penalty) in front of Brazil’s assistant manager and other employees at Etihad Stadium. Of course, if he had to keep it in the City, he would certainly return with his compatriots sooner than later.

Jesus punishes Watford
However, this would have to be considered unlikely at this time, as proper playing time is no longer guaranteed. When considering his options, it is easy to believe that a new club, a few regular starts and a few goals would give him more chances.
This may be the case, by the way, with Ilkay Gundogan, whose contract will also expire next summer. He was ready to devote time to his German career, but after talks with Hansi Flick last summer, he hopes for a place at the World Cup – but he feels that a more stable position in the City would help him. This is another situation to watch out for.
As for Jesus, Arsenal has been negotiating with his deputies for some time. He focuses on the critical season for him and the City, but given his contract situation and playing time for the club and country, it’s no surprise that his agent has been given permission to see what opportunities are out there. .
And it’s no surprise that the City allowed it, not least because it’s their last chance to get a transfer if they decide to transfer. In fact, it’s no surprise that his contract is only one year away: this is the fourth season in a row that City is open to his departure.
They weren’t desperate to be told because they knew it was a very good choice, but if the club came and offered good money and helped them sign an even better option – like Joao Felix or Harry Kane in recent years – then they would allow it happened. Now it is, of course, Erling Haaland.
Pep Guardiola recently said that the hardest part of his job is to leave out the good players on the team, and Jesus is certainly one of them who follows his bright words of praise after Saturday’s match.
“If there’s one person in world football who deserves a night like this, it’s him,” City boss said. “I don’t think there’s one person who knows him that he’s not happy about him.”
He continued: “When you always behave positively, life and football will reward you with what you deserve.
They also asked him if he wanted Jesus to stay, and his answer was quite eloquent, although it also made full sense.
“Listen, I know you’re asking questions like that … I know what you’re talking about.” What we did this season, we did with Gabriel, Gabriel is one of the best. But every player is happy to play the whole 90 minutes of each match.

He celebrates goal number four with his teammates
“Maybe at the end of the season he’ll say, ‘No, I don’t want to sign a contract,’ or we’ll persuade him to stay, maybe he’ll decide, ‘I want more minutes, I want to leave.’ No one knows. I don’t care now. I want to concentrate, we still have seven matches, potentially eight matches, we have less than a month, that’s all.
“Nobody knows what will happen, nobody knows, so it’s not a big deal.”
When Arsenal technical director Edu was asked about Jesus on Saturday, he was even more restrained and preferred to discuss their transfer plans overall.
“We will focus on signing one or two players,” he told ESPN. “After last year’s summer revolution, we need another step. We have a strategy in place. “
Jesus’ problem in the City is that he promised so much when he first arrived.
Putting Aguero on the bench is not a bad thing, especially for a 19-year-old who comes directly from Brazil. It was a fairy tale, and then it would come as no surprise if the Guardiola asked if he was more than Stoichkov or Romario (he said the first because of his moves), or if Watford manager Roy Hodgson mentioned Ronald, who worked at Inter Milan.
But the reality is that most of the last five years have been more functional than fabulous and there have been so many ups and downs.
This has been clear for the last seven days: four goals and a lot of praise against Watford, but last weekend a big mistake against Liverpool at Wembley, which emphasized that when it comes to scoring goals, he is not Aguero and most likely never will be.
A few years ago, he showed a winning match against Real Madrid in the Champions League, and it would come as no surprise if he did the same over the next fortnight, or at least moved heroically to the post of right defender. If necessary. Although it would come as no surprise that he too missed a key chance to settle.
Guardiola realized a few years ago that Jesus was not a killer in front of the gate – for example, he was still beating too much in the untapped chances – but the head of the City really appreciated so many things.
“He’s always there,” Guardiola said, “and Gabriel has this incredible ability because he’s always thinking what’s best for the team … he’s not getting the ball and he’s still making a thousand million moves for the others.”
“And personally, when he has nights like this, I’m the happiest man in the world because he’s always there.” If he doesn’t play, he trains the next day as if it were his last day, so he will have a long career, he will have a successful career due to the incredible positivity in his mind and he thinks behind it. When that happens, good things happen in his life, that’s for sure. “
So if City brings Haaland and Julian Alvarez, would it still be good to keep Jesus, a great player with even better access, in the club as a substitute?
Of course it would – but it doesn’t have to be the way it turns out.
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