Snapchat may begin using Parental Controls in Family Center soon; All about it

Snapchat is developing a new parental control feature that will allow caregivers to monitor their children’s activities in the program. Earlier this month, the platform revealed that it reaches 75% of people aged 13-44 in more than 20 countries around the world. It’s important to mention that other social platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, already have a parental control feature.

As can be seen from the screenshot shared on Watchful via TechCrunch The Snapchat Family Center will allow carers to “gain visibility with whom they (their children) are friends”. In addition, caregivers will also be able to see who their children are communicating with Snapchat and to whom they have corresponded in the last seven days. In addition, the tool will also allow caregivers to report any abuse, harassment, or other issues.

The parental control function on Snapchat made fun of Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel for the first time in 2021. in October. SPIEGEL mentioned that this feature will allow parents to see how their children use the program. He also hopes this feature will help players feel more comfortable on the platform as their parents will help them. The Snapchat Family Center may be up and running soon.

Snap launches Snap Pixy; All about it

More recently, Snap has released a new product, the Snap Pixy, a portable drone camera. The device is small because it is designed to land on the user’s palm. This can be very useful for platform developers as it provides an angle of creativity for images and videos captured in the air.

In short, the Snap Pixy is a portable flying camera that allows users to build Snaps from a new perspective. With Pixy, users can capture creative third-party photos and video graphics while the flying camera is standing next to the user and recording footage. Snap’s Pixy can float, fly around and track the user without a controller or additional equipment. When users finish creating memories, Pixy gets in the palm of their hand. Follow Snapchat and other technology news.

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