Sogara: Jean Richard Sylong in his new PCA outfit

Vincent de Paul Massassa, Minister for Petroleum and Hydrocarbons, appointed Jean-Richard Sylong as Chairman of the Gabonese Refinery (Sogara) on Thursday, June 23.

Moment of official installation by the Minister of Petroleum, June 23, 2022, in Port-Gentil. © Gabon Review

Jean Richard Sylong, appointed to the Council of Ministers on 7 June, was officially appointed Sogar as Minister of Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbons by Vincent De Paul Massassa on Thursday in his new position as Chairman of the Board. It was the VIP room of the Sogara club, which lent its environment to the investment festival, which was attended by the delegate of the Minister of Health Justine Libimbi, wife Mihinda, second vice-president of the National Assembly Albert Richard Royembo and several others. other guests.

“The opportunity offered to us today is the embodiment par excellence of the will of a single man: the President of the Republic, the Head of State Ali Bong Ondimbu, who was so kind that he chose you to improve your living conditions. and the well-being of the population through instruments such as Sogara, which are assigned to the role and performance objectives “addressed a member of the government to the newly promoted.

At a time when the current global economic situation requires a new vision in corporate governance, Jean Richard Sylong said that he fully measures devoted man“, The size of the task that now belongs to him. However, he said that he could count on men and women who work daily for the prosperity of society.

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