some in Arlington scoff at the World Cup

The New York Times he called it Dallas.

The same is the NRP.

The same, CNN.

Even FIFA itself said it had chosen Dallas as one of 16 host cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico for the 2026 World Cup.

There is only one problem. AT&T Stadium, the chosen host venue, is certainly not in Dallas. It’s in Arlington, as many on social media, have quickly pointed out after FIFA’s announcement on Thursday afternoon.

“LOL. Arlington is not Dallas,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“Arlington gets a real game.” Not Dallas, “another complained. “So disrespectful.”

“I’m glad I got it, but we’re not Dallas,” said one commentator. “And we’re glad we’re not (for the record).”

Arlington has long been accustomed to being overlooked – or at least not getting his credit. After all, they are the Dallas Cowboys, not the Arlington Cowboys, despite the fact that they also play at AT&T Stadium.

So is it really important where the game is technically played?

Yes, many Arlington residents say.

A smab dab in the middle of Dallas-Fort Worth, Arlington’s population is close to 400,000, which is much less than 1.3 million in Dallas and 900,000 in Fort Worth, but it’s hardly a suburb.

Arlington taxpayers even paid the bill to build the AT&T stadium.

However, Arlington Mayor Jim Ross offered diplomatic access.

“We love our city and we would certainly like our name to be added to it,” Ross said Morning news from Dallas. “But as mayor, I’m very happy to have this event in Arlington. It was a regional effort and the whole region will benefit.

“And when people get here, they’ll know they’re in Arlington.”

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