Sony Bravia XR OLED 2022 to launch in India soon; the company teases the device online

Sony plans to launch the new Bravia XR OLED TV in India soon. While the TV should provide an immersive viewing experience, no information or specifications are currently available. As the name suggests, the TV will be equipped with a high-quality OLED panel.

The Sony Bravia XR series features the Cognitive Processor XR. The chip receives video signals and reproduces them in a way that looks more natural. The processor recognizes the content displayed on the screen and analyzes the points where viewers can focus their attention. In addition, it tunes the sound system in a directional manner. Getting a little technical, the Cognitive Processor XR calculates the focus point for each frame and enhances that specific part of the image.

It is important to mention here that the Bravia XR series is Sony’s flagship TV series. The previous model in the series, the Bravia XR 4K OLED, was launched in 2021. and it was available for Rs. 1,61,290. So the upcoming Bravia XR 2022 should be more expensive. In addition, it may have multiple HDMI ports, a higher refresh rate (120 Hz in the model released last year), support for Google TV, and a speaker system.

More information about the Sony Bravia XR 2022 should appear online in the coming days. So far, the company has only teased the device with a “coming soon” poster. However, it does have a look at the TV, which suggests that it would have narrow bezels on all sides. Stay tuned for more details on Sony Bravia XR 2022 and other tech news.

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