Sony has announced a loyalty program called PlayStation Stars for gamers


Sony is adding a free rewards and loyalty program for gamers called PlayStation Stars. The company said the software will launch “later this year,” though specifics about the release schedule are still under wraps.

Players can use PlayStation Stars to earn rewards by completing missions called “campaigns,” such as spending time on a specific title or achieving in-game achievements. This will be the first awards program for the 27-year-old brand.

“We really think now is the best time to launch this type of software because with the healthiest player base, obviously the PlayStation 5 is a huge success and we really wanted to do something that could honor and celebrate the history of PlayStation and now is the best time to do that.” do,” Grace Chen, vice president of online advertising, loyalty and licensed products, told The Washington Post in an interview. “We wanted to create a program that celebrates this journey and the role that PlayStation can play in someone’s life.” We wanted to do it in a way that only PlayStation could. »

The show was named after the stars because Sony liked its unlimited and limitless connotations, which is in line with PlayStation’s slogan of “play without limits”. Later this year, it will be launched in regions around the world, including Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Chen said that PlayStation Stars would not be a competitor to Microsoft’s video game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, and that the program was designed to attract new players as well as veterans.

“It’s good for all the players. “Obviously, we want to recognize and reward players who have been with PlayStation for a long time and come on this journey with us in different ways, but there will be many aspects to this new software,” said Chen. said Customers will appreciate it too. »

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All players will receive loyalty points that can be redeemed for PSN wallet money (so redeemed for items with real money value). Sony also signed contracts with players PlayStation Plus online service He will earn bonus points for spending on the PlayStation Store, a feature that non-subscribers will not benefit from.

Players can redeem points for indie games, additional content, and themed collectibles in the rewards catalog. Sony plans to add new rewards, campaigns and collectibles over time.

While Sony was vague about the details of the program, it said there will be a monthly sign-up campaign that rewards users for at least one game, as well as other campaigns to win tournaments and win prizes of their choice. Other campaigns may require players to play a specific game online.

PlayStation’s announcement reflects a larger shift in the entertainment space toward subscription models and more consumer-centric initiatives.

“As many entertainment services move to subscription, loyalty becomes an important metric,” said Joost van Druenen, senior lecturer in games at New York University’s Stern School of Business. “By getting players to log in regularly and improving their membership, Sony is likely to improve brand retention and loyalty.” This will be necessary at a time when inflation and economic recession will affect consumer spending on games. »

As a member of PlayStation Stars, the first player to reach Platinum – completing all achievements in the game – for a Mega Title location in the Timeline will also receive a reward that prevents others from earning it. Chen said the company will reduce fraudulent activity if people cheat or buy and sell accounts for a certain reward.

Another type of bonus that Sony offers is digital collectibles, which are 3D figurines of video game characters and previous Sony hardware. Some will be very rare and hard to come by. These are not non-refundable tokens, although they are also digital and collectible.

“It’s definitely not an NFT. Of course not. You cannot trade or sell them. They don’t use any blockchain technology and certainly not NFTs,” Chen said.

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