Sony reveals more than 20 titles will be released when the PlayStation VR2 is released

Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation VR 2 earlier this year. She later announced the features that the next generation of virtual reality headsets will have. The company has now revealed to its investors in the presentation that the headphones will come with more than 20 titles at the time of delivery.

At launch, the PlayStation VR 2 will come with more than 20 first and third party names. The information comes from an official Sony investor presentation. Apparently, the company is betting a lot on the future of virtual reality headphones. The presentation mentions that the new PS VR 2 will come with a new controller with a great ergonomic design, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The headphones will have improved resolution and tracking. Interestingly, the presentation includes a thumbnail Horizon VR: Mountain Callwhich could be one of the games with which the headphones will be released during delivery.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is collaborating to create content for PS VR 2

According to the report submitted by, Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, says that “a significant amount of money is currently being spent on partnerships with independent and other third-party developers to ensure high traffic for attractive VR content when the PlayStation VR2 is introduced.” In addition, Ryan says “that energy, effort and money will continue to grow as the built-in PlayStation VR 2 headset also grows.”

Ryan is referring to PlayStation Studios’ huge investment in video game development. Currently, popular titles created in conjunction with PlayStation Studios include Marvel’s Spiderman Miles Morales, Return, Horizon II: Forbidden West, The Show 22 plus. Includes third-party works that can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Grand Theft Auto V, Deathloop, Genshin Impact, NBA 2K and FIFA.

PlayStation VR2 Specifications

The Sony PSVR2 offers a 4K HDR video experience, 110-degree viewing and a higher frame rate of up to 120 Hz on an OLED display. The PSVR2 headphones will come with an internal monitoring function where the headphones will monitor the user and the controller with the integrated cameras that are built into the headphones. Unlike other headphones where users need an external camera to monitor their movements, the PSVR 2 will do so with built-in cameras.

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